'Love Island' season 1: Fans say favorites Ray and Caro 'deserved second' at least after Dylan and Alexandra beat them to it

CBS' hit reality dating show 'Love Island' aired its final episode on August 7. The winners and runner-up couples were announced on the show. Fans are upset that Dylan and Alexandra got second place, as opposed to Ray and Caro, who they felt were more genuine and deserving.

                            'Love Island' season 1: Fans say favorites Ray and Caro 'deserved second' at least after Dylan and Alexandra beat them to it

The season 1 finale of CBS’ reality dating show saw the final four couples waiting to find out who wins the show and gets to bag $100,000. Fan-favorite couple Zac and Elizabeth won the show and fans weren’t surprised. But what surprised the fans was the couple who secured the second place on the show- Dylan and Alexandra. The final four couples were the controversial couple, Weston and Emily, new fan-favorites Ray and Caro, Dylan and Alexandra and Zac and Elizabeth.

Fans were surprised when Ray and Caro did make the second spot even because the couple won the highest votes in the previous voting for the favorite couples on the show. Several fans felt that the couple deserved at least the second spot if not first because of how genuine their feelings for each other seemed. A Twitter user wrote, “We all knew Zac and Elizabeth were going to win. Practically everyone loved them. Although, I am surprised Caro and Ray got third place. I feel they deserved second, because of how natural it was for them. I feel like Dylan and Alexandra never truly connected. #LoveIslandUSA”.

Dylan and Alexandra make their relationship official (Instagram)

Dylan and Alexandra had fans divided over their coupling. While several fans were totally on board with them, many others had their doubts about the stability of their relationship. There have been a few red flags in their relationship, like when Dylan was drooling over Emily. He explicitly stated that he was physically most attracted to Emily compared to everyone else in the villa. A fan pointed out the same with, “RAY AND CARO CAME IN THIRD??? WE LOST TO DYLAN WHO WAS READY TO DROP ALEXANDRA THE MOMENT EMILY WALKED IN??? #LoveIslandUSA.” In another instance, Dylan expressed his eagerness about having babies and starting a family and shared the same with Alexandra. While Alexandra agreed to Dylan at that time, later in the confessional she revealed how she wasn’t keen on having babies. Fans were concerned about whether their relationship would last outside in the real world. A fan commented, “I don’t even see Dylan and Alexandra lasting wtf is this  #LoveIslandUSA”.

Right before the winners were announced, host Arielle mentioned the money prize which the winner would be receiving, and Dylan seemed completely taken by it. When later Zac and Elizabeth were announced as the winners, Dylan expressed his disappointment about not winning the money by saying he was “bummed”. A fan commented, “Dylan and Alexandra have a connection, yes, It’s undeniable. BUT they were too focused on the money and it was obvious. “I’m bummed” is not something you should say, EVER, more like how happy you are for Zac and Elizabeth. I said what I said🤷🏼‍♀️ #LoveIslandUSA”. Fans also seem a bit concerned about Dylan’s true intentions, one of them tweeted, “I’m glad zac and Elizabeth won. It just seemed like Dylan wanted to win the money. I hope he doesn’t hurt Alexandra 😪 #loveislandusa”.
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