'Ms Marvel' Episode 4 Review: An action packed chapter with a shocking cliffhanger

'Ms Marvel' Episode 4 Review: An action packed chapter with a shocking cliffhanger
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Contains spoilers for 'Ms Marvel' Episode 4 

In the new chapter titled 'Seeing Red', Kamala (Iman Vellani) along with her mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) arrive in Karachi, Pakistan to solve the mystery of the bangle and their family's history. Sana, Muneeba’s mom, welcomes them at the aiport and the trio head off for Sana’s house, a family estate which is filled with Sana’s artwork that records what was was lost during the India-Pakistan Partition of 1947.

Kamala enquires about djinn from Sana who explains that it is their genetics. However Sana wants to focus more on Kamala's bangle as she explains that the last time the bangle was used, it saved her life during Partition. She mentions the story of how she was separated from her father on the train platform, but somehow found her way back to him via a “trail of stars". Sana states that the bangle is trying to communicate with them through a vision of a train station and they both need to figure out what it is. The next day, Kamala visits the train station where she is attacked by a masked man. During their fight, the masked man realizes she is not a Clandestine and mentions about her bangle and Aisha. When both realize they are not a threat to each other, the masked man, whose real name is Kareem (Aramis Knight), takes her to a secret place of the Red Daggers. Kamala meets Waleed (Farhan Akhtar), the leader of the Red Daggers, who says to her, “When you’re ready, we have much to discuss.”


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Waleed explains to Kamala that the purpose of Red Daggers is to protect the world from the unseen. He further describes that the Clandestines and Aisha are from another realm. There are many dimensions around that cannot be seen, and Aisha's home is one of them. It’s connected to our world, but hidden behind a veil of Noor. Noor is the energy source of that realm. Waleed warns that if the Clandestines use the bangle to tear down the veil, they’ll unleash their world onto ours and hence, it is important to keep the bangle safe. Waleed notes a inscription in the bangle that states, "What you seek is seeking you."

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On the other hand, the Clandestines who are being held at a Damage Control prison successfully manage to escape. However Najma decided to leave her son Kamran for making a choice to betray them. In the Red Dagger hideout, Kamala is learning how to use her powers from Waleed. But the training is interupted when Najma and the rest of the Clandestines attack Kamala to get the bangle. What follows next is a thrilling chase sequence between the Clandestines and Waleed, Kareem and Kamala. 

During the battle, Waleed is stabbed by Najma and both Kareem and Kamala find him unconscious on the ground. Though Kamala wants to stay and help him, Kareem knows it’s too late and they run. However they are caught by Najma who stabs her weapon onto Kamala's bangle. All of a sudden, Kamala finds herself in a crowded train station where everyone seems to saying goodbye to each other. The episode ends on a shocking cliffhanger as Kamala climbs atop the train only to realize that she is in the year 1947 during the Partition.

With only two more episodes left, it is expected that the next two chapters will be absolutely shocking with all the mysteries finally answered. What happened during the 1947 Partition that Kamala keeps seeing visions about ? What is her bangle trying to communicate? Stay tuned to 'Ms Marvel' to find out.

'Ms Marvel' Episodes 1-4 are available for streaming on Disney+.

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