'Ms Marvel': The appearance of 'Ten Rings' hints at a surprising connection with Shang-Chi

'Ms Marvel': The appearance of 'Ten Rings' hints at a surprising connection with Shang-Chi
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Contains spoilers for 'Ms Marvel' Episode 3

The latest episode of 'Ms Marvel' gives a glimpse about the origin of Kamala's bangle, origins that might go deep into the MCU. The episode opens with a flashback to British-occupied India in 1942, where Najma and Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha search for a mystical bangle. They finally uncover a severed blue arm wearing the bangle, and although Aisha mentions that they need two bangles to return home, they take the bangle anyway. The camera cuts to an overhead shot, revealing a pattern on the floor engraved with an imagery of ten rings with crossed swords in the center.

The same symbol first appeared in 'Iron Man' in 2008 as the flag flown by the Ten Rings, the terrorists who kidnapped Tony Stark. Later it became an important storyline in 'Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings'. In the movie, ruthless Wenwu (Tony Leung) the father of the titular hero leads the organization called as the Ten Rings. The origins of the Ten Rings aren’t revealed, and how Wenwu acquired them is also unknown. However with their logo carved on the floor of a temple as early as 1942 in 'Ms Marvel', it just goes to show the strength and power of their legacy. But what’s the connection between 'Ms Marvel' and the 'Ten Rings'?


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Instead of following the comic storyline of Kamala as an Inhuman, MCU gave her a bangle that unlocks her innate abilities. Episode 3 not only introduces the origin of bangle but also reveals another surpise that Kamala Khan's great grandmother Aisha was a Djinn from another dimension. The Djinn hail from the Noor dimension. The specific group of Djinn Kamala is involved with are also known as Clandestines. They want to return to their dimension, and they believe Kamala’s bangles will help them get back. 

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It can be assumed that the Ten Rings are connected in some way with the Djinn. It could also be related to the origin of the Ten Rings. 'Ms Marvel’ Shang-Chi reference indicates a major connection between the two character of the MCU. It is not confirmed if this connection will be explored in 'Shang-Chi' 2 or perhaps in upcoming episodes of Kamala Khan’s Disney+ show. However it’s  possible that the presence of Ten Rings in 'Ms Marvel' hints at a larger secret that might bring Kamala into Shang-Chi’s world very soon. Marvel Studios once again proved just how interconnected the entire story is by tying Shang-Chi with the latest Disney+ entry.

The first three episodes of 'Ms.Marvel' are available on Disney+.

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