Mom finds crystal meth worth $120,609 in cereal box as she made breakfast for toddlers

Mom finds crystal meth worth $120,609 in cereal box as she made breakfast for toddlers
A mother of four kids found a bag of crystal meth in a pack of Golden Morn Maize & Soya protein (The Sun/Walmart)

A mother-of-four children was shocked beyond belief after discovering that she received more than what she was expecting out of a $6 cereal. Haisam Nassir, 25, was preparing cereal for her two young kids when she discovered a plastic bag filled with white crystals in a packet of Golden Morn maize and soya protein flakes. She then put her sleuthing hat on and went online to research what those crystals could be and adjudged that what she's looking at must be methamphetamine - also known on the streets as crystal meth. The drug was the central plot of the hit drama series 'Breaking Bad'. 

This isn't the first time that people have received more than what they anticipated. In March this year, General Mills faced severe backlash after their hit product Cinnamon Toast Crunch came with "shrimp tails". Jensen Karp, a TV producer and writer called the company out on Twitter and the whole thing took a bizarre turn after the company said it must be "accumulated sugar" despite picture evidence and then offered him vouchers and asked him to send what he found in a "prepaid envelope". In April, Montana boy, 6, found a bullet in a pack of Hot Cheetos and the Internet drew references with Karp's experience while jokingly claiming that it's "Still less scary than shrimp in cereal." Back in 2018, "cancer-causing" weed killer was found in Quaker Oats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and 24 more brands of cereal. 


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Haisam Nassir found $120,609 worth meth in $6 dollar cereal bag

Nassir was quick to take the bag of the highly-addictive Class A drug to the police where it was confirmed it was a Class A drug. The mother who hails from Dagenham, East London said, "Imagine if that had burst, it could've had a deadly impact." According to Harmony Oaks Recovery Center, "This chemical itself is dangerous even before it’s consumed as it is toxic and corrosive. Many of the chemicals used to produce crystal meth are either flammable or explosive or can be in combination." The bag Nassir found contained 450 grams of the substance, the total cost of which amounts to $120,609. Her kids aged 3, 2, and 1-year-old twins ate from the same box in days before she found the bag. They were taken to the hospital where they received the all-clear

This incident happened in July this year and a number of shipping containers at various locations were searched for drugs in the East London area after it came to light. The police made an arrest in this case in October and a Met Police spokesman said, "The arrest was the result of an investigation that was launched in July after a member of the public found a quantity of Class A drugs concealed in a packet of cereal. Fortunately, they didn't ingest anything in the packet and suffered no ill-effects."

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