Montana boy, 6, finds bullet in Hot Cheetos pack, Internet jokes 'still less scary than shrimp in cereal'

After images of the alleged bullet showed red seasoning coat on it, a funny Twitter user dubbed the snack 'Republican Cheetos!'

                            Montana boy, 6, finds bullet in Hot Cheetos pack, Internet jokes 'still less scary than shrimp in cereal'
The boy's dad reached out to Frito-Lay after a bullet was found in a pack of Hot Cheetos (Getty Images)

A six-year-old boy allegedly found a bullet in his packet of Cheetos on Easter day. Bow Horn Weasel from Elmo, Montana, revealed how he bought the bag of chips at a local convenience store. His son later opened the bag on Easter Sunday, April 4, and shockingly found a bullet at the bottom of the bag after he devoured through the chips. The bullet even had the spicy red coating of Hot Cheetos seasoning, he reportedly said.

Ever since he shared screenshots of his chat with a Frito-Lay correspondent, there has been doubt swirling on social media about the whole thing being made up. But Bow allegedly 'scoffs' at the doubters, saying "a bullet didn't just drop out of the sky into the bag", reports TMZ.


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Bow told the outlet how initially he had reached out to the parent company's Facebook page with his claims and also shot them a separate email detailing the finds. He, however, noted that it was quite a while before a company rep wrote back with a specialist who assured him that the matter was being taken seriously from their end. 

While Frito-Lay is also sending him a testing kit, Bow is not looking for compensation, he says. He just wants Frito-Lay to ensure this is never repeated. Social media has however been left curious with users flocking to TMZ's tweet of the news article, asking a flurry of questions like "Did he eat it"; and "Was it bussin tho?" Some quipped these were a special kind of "Republican Cheetos!" Others however drew references with Karp's shrimp tails found inside a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and claimed the bullet was "Still less scary than shrimp in cereal." Comedian Jensen Karp allegedly found sugar-coated shrimp tails inside a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that went viral.

Some found peace reminiscing, "It's like the good ole days when cracker jacks had good prizes." Others found the timing of this curious. "Weird how this comes out right after Pepsi was trending. Pepsi owns Frito-Lays products. Very suspicious," tweeted one user. One tweeted, "Ummm  ... NO! Allegedly planted a bullet." Others noted, "The bullet would be healthier. Get some minerals."







Weasel's find comes just two weeks after Karp shared photos of his interaction with the cereal company that allegedly gave him shrimp tails coated in cinnamon sugar inside the bag. In his correspondence with Cinnamon Toast Crunch's official social media, the company executive can be seen calling these shrimp-like finds just hardened clumps of cinnamon sugar that sometimes are packed inside the bag with cereal. Soon, Karp garnered internet fame as the 'shrimp cinnamon toast crunch guy married to Tpanga' from 'Boy Meets World', but there were many who doubted his claims too.


Emotional manipulation and abuse accusations against him surfaced online too, with an ex-girlfriend called Melissa Stratten tweeting, “What you may not know about the man behind the viral posts” what like he’s a manipulative gaslighting narcissistic ex-boyfriend who once told me he was surprised I hadn’t killed myself because my life was so worthless?" She followed it up with, "Getting lots of texts from girls still in therapy over his terror. At least we have this fun little club!"

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