Kellogg's 'Together with Pride' cereal to support LBGTQ slammed as 'woke crap'

Kellogg’s new initiative was not appreciated by several people on the internet, with many saying they will stop eating the cereal

                            Kellogg's 'Together with Pride' cereal to support LBGTQ slammed as 'woke crap'
'Boxes are for cereal not people', says the tagline (Kellogg's)

The Kellogg Company, more famous as Kellogg's, has got itself into controversy after launching a limited-edition breakfast cereal -- titled ‘Together With Pride’ -- to show support to the LBGTQ community. The motive behind the new release is to convey the idea that "boxes are for cereal not people", who are free to choose their pronouns. But not many are reportedly happy with this initiative.

According to reports, Kellogg's partnership with GLAAD “rewrites the script for LGBTQ acceptance,” as per its website. In a statement, the multinational food manufacturing company said, “‘Boxes are for cereal, not people’ is the embodiment and celebration of Kellogg Company's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, not just within Kellogg Company, but also at the tables of our cereal fans coast to coast. As Kellogg has grown its multiyear allyship with GLAAD, the company hopes to spread the word on allyship and show its support for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities.”


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Priscilla Koranteng, vice president, Talent and Diversity, noted: “Kellogg has a long-standing commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to our employees, our consumers and communities. New Together With Pride cereal is our latest effort aligned with our purpose to create better days and a place at the table for everyone.”

GLAAD president & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis added that the new release “will create opportunities for homes and families to have conversations about the importance of acceptance, compassion and understanding, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ youth. Kellogg is not only building on an ongoing commitment to support the LGBTQ+ community, but initiatives that spotlight the importance of using correct pronouns to create safe and welcoming spaces for trans and nonbinary people.”

Reportedly, each box of the ‘Together With Pride’ contains a ‘Together Band’, which consumers can wear. Giving an idea of what the new boxes include, Doug VanDeVelde, general manager of Kellogg US Cereal Category, mentioned, “Our delicious new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter. We can't wait for fans to try our latest limited run.” It has also been said that on the sale of every box, Kellogg’s will give $3 (up to $140,000) to support GLAAD.

But Kellogg’s new initiative has not been appreciated by several people on the internet as a user tweeted, “I won’t be buying Kellogg’s or Sally Hanson products anymore, even if they are giving tear out pronouns free that you can wear.” “I buy the Malt-O-Meal versions of @KelloggCompany cereals. They taste better. And are way cheaper than this woke crap,” another one commented.




A person wrote, “Sick. We are sick. And even the cereal companies are in on the sick-grift.” The second one stated, “Another example of the 1 tp 3 % whiners telling the rest of us how to think.  ENOUGH!!!!” “Corporate idiots! Kellogg's releases 'Together With Pride' cereal celebrating preferred gender pronouns.  Shame on Kellogg.  Boycott don’t buy ! Corporate idiots!” a user noted; another tweet featured a vomiting emoji and said, “Kellogg's releases 'Together With Pride' cereal celebrating preferred gender pronouns. The recipe features berry-flavored rainbow hearts coated in edible glitter.”








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