Internet backs mom for canceling daughter’s vacation after shockingly rude comment to pal

Internet backs mom for canceling daughter’s vacation after shockingly rude comment to pal
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A mother has been hailed online for teaching her daughter a lesson after she body-shamed one of her friends. The unidentified 42-year-old woman shared her story on Reddit with a title that said, “AITA for canceling my daughter's vacation because of how she treated her friend?”

The mother who uses Winloserepeat-908 as her username on the social media platform explained, “My(42F) daughter, Abby, recently turned 18. Her father Max (43M) took off before Abby was born and came back ready to take responsibility and the court gave him 50% custody. He's been taking care of roughly 60% of Abby's financial needs.”


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‘I believe everybody is beautiful’

She wrote, “To make up for the 5 years he wasn't there, he spoiled her rotten no matter what I said and I think this is why she gained so much weight in her preteens and teens,” before asserting, “Disclaimer: I believe everybody is beautiful so don't come at me.”


The woman then mentioned her daughter started her weight loss journey “a year ago and we set up a milestone-reward system where I'd buy her a little gift every milestone she crossed.” She noted, “Four months ago she asked that I don't get her any more rewards and add it up to her birthday gift, and for her gift, she wants a vacation I will pay for, for her and her friends instead of the huge party I had promised for her 18th. I said OK.”

‘I canceled the vacation’

However, when the actual time came for the holiday, things went south. The mother said, “We started preparing for her vacation. I called the other two girls' parents to confirm the girls would be and learned Abby's best friend Betty isn't going. Betty loves traveling and was looking forward to the vacation so I asked why. Apparently, Abby uninvited her because ‘she is too chubby to look good in pictures’. I calmly talked to Abby and reminded her how Betty would feel being left out for such a reason.”


But her daughter was not ready to understand as she fired back at her saying, “I didn't work so hard for this vacation so my pictures will be ruined.” The woman continued, “Long story short, I insisted Abby should apologize to Betty for body shaming her and reminded her how horrible she felt when people did it to her not even more than a year ago. I later received a call from my very angry ex telling me off for making decisions for Abby, and using this as an excuse to cancel. He also insisted he pays extra 10% for Abby's needs so he demands I don't cancel. I told him off for enabling her bullying and hung up.”

Despite all the efforts of the mother to make her daughter apologize to her friend, nothing worked and she “canceled the vacation. My ex tried to rebook but it's a very popular place with a long waiting list so soon after I canceled, the girls were replaced with other people.”


The woman added in her post, “My ex and Abby think I'm an AH for canceling the vacation and my daughter is not talking to me. Some of my friends agree on my approach while others think I should have put my daughter first. So AITA?” which received 97% upvoted and numerous supportive comments.

‘Teaching your daughter to not be a horrible human being IS putting her first’

A Reddit user commented, “Exactly. It's a consequence for her actions. She is still young and needs parenting. I agree mom did the right thing here, even if it does suck for the other girls. Better she learns this lesson now with a vacation than later on in life, when it could be her job she loses for saying mean things.” Another user shared, “NTA Teaching your daughter to not be a horrible human being IS putting her first.” 


The third one said, “Hopefully this was still a reality check for her daughter 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think everyone has things they regret they did as a teenager, it’s wrong to assume someone so young will never change. If she were in her 30s-50s acting that way it’d be different lol.” The fourth user wrote, “I have a feeling her dad started this behavior. I can't wait for this behavior to bite him in the butt. OP doesn't put up with her behavior as is, so she'll likely go to her dad's so she can continue to be spoiled. It's not gonna end well for OPs ex or her daughter.”

“That's exactly what I was thinking. Mom is putting her first by teaching her a life lesson. Her daughter isn't confident, she's an obnoxious brat so full of herself and doesn't deserve the reward and dad's just enabling that entitled behavior. I'm surprised her other friends are ok with this. I wonder what Mom told the other friends moms why the trip was canceled. I'm assuming they are all friends. She'll soon find out that actions have consequences and one of them is losing friends,” a comment added.


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 Internet backs mom for canceling daughter’s vacation after shockingly rude comment to pal