Monsta X's 'No Limit' enters all major Korean music charts, nets highest 1st-day sales

Monsta X's 'No Limit' enters all major Korean music charts, nets highest 1st-day sales
Monsta X dominate Korean charts with 'No Limit' (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

Monsta X is back with their 10th mini-album ‘No Limit’. It is their first album without their leader Shownu as he is currently serving in the military. And no one misses him more than his fans and his members. Monbebes (Monsta X’s fandom) loved that the group incorporated Shownu’s famous lamb skewer joke where he mimes eating a lamb skewer, as the killing part of their choreography during the chorus of 'Rush Hour'. On the same day, fans spotted Shownu at a park with the daycare kids he takes care of as a social worker. Well, to cheer him and the group, Monbebes helped the album become a hit on the very first day itself.

No Limit’ became Monsta X’s album to have the highest first-day sales ever with over 110k sales. It crossed 171k sales in the next couple of hours. They also charted at #1 on the Hanteo Chart. Monbebes found it quite impressive as their previous highest first-day sales were for ‘Fantasia X’ which sold 62k copies in the first 24 hours. ‘No Limit’ also charted on all major South Korean charts, as well as international charts like iTunes. Even the title track, ‘Rush Hour’ did well which feels extra special since it has been co-composed by group member Jooheon aka Joohoney.

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Monsta X get their highest first-day sales (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

Monsta X make personal chart record with ‘No Limit’

South Korea has several major music charts and it is quite difficult to chart on all of them. Well, for the first time, Monsta X entered the FLO music chart marking ‘No Limit’ as their first album to enter all major Korean music charts. ‘Rush Hour’ entered the top 100 of FLO. Along with all of the b-sides that entered the following charts, the title track is also at #14 on MelOn, #21 on Genie, #2 on Bugs, #44 on Genie and #1 on Vibe Domestic Chart. Even the music video was #6 on the Vibe Music Video Chart while the music video has 5.3 million YouTube views. We also had the past title tracks ‘Dramarama’ and ‘Shoot Out’ re-enter the charts like Bugs. Monsta X also topped the MelOn’s Artist and Boy Group charts.

‘No Limit’ even debuted at #7 on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. Six of the album tracks entered the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart with ‘Rush Hour’ at #32. With Monsta X always charting in the US and on Billboard with their first English album entering the top 5 of Billboard, fans knew that they are loved in the USA. Well, American Monbebes showed their power by getting the album to #1 on the US iTunes K-pop Albums Chart while all the album tracks entered the top 20 of US iTunes K-pop song chart. ‘No Limit’ also ranked #22 on the Top Albums Chart of US iTunes while ‘Rush Hour’ was #4 on their K-pop song chart.


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 Monsta X No Limit K-pop band make personal chart record get highest 1st day sales