'Money Heist' Season 5 Episode 9: Professor turns himself in after Tokyo's emotional entry

'Money Heist' Season 5 Episode 9: Professor turns himself in after Tokyo's emotional entry
Alvaro Morte as Professor in 'Money Heist' (Netflix)

With only two episodes, ‘Money Heist’ has undoubtedly taken the series to a whole new level by doing that has never been done before. The Professor (Alvaro Morte) has been tricked and he has been tricked by using the tricks he has been using to trick the police and everyone else. And it’s none other than Rafael, son of Berlin.

During Episode 8, we saw that Rafael and his wife have stolen the gold from Professor and team. The Professor has completely gone berserk after learning that and now wants revenge. So, he goes after them. In the penultimate episode, Professor contacts Lisbon and Palermo in order to give them the bad news. As soon as he tells them, Palermo says that if they got there when every piece of gold was in the trucks, then the team had a mole. A few moments later, it is revealed that it was Berlin (Pedro Alonso) who actually told everything to his ex-wife, who is now Rafael’s partner. Berlin must have told the plan to her because he was in love with her and that’s how Rafael robbed the gold.



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They track the position of those trucks and find out that they have already taken out all the gold with the help of heavy machinery. Professor calls Lisbon and tells them that it’s impossible to find them now that nothing is on CCTV. Lisbon gets angry and says that you have been outplayed by your own tricks. Professor gets angry, but suddenly, realizes that this is also a trick by Rafael and they have actually hacked the CCTV cameras to create fake imagery that they did not take the highway.

They set out to find him when Tamayo calls Professor to tell him that his team has been captured. The scene where the team gets caught is amazingly shot and gives viewers one of the iconic moments in the history of the show. At that time, Professor tells Tamayo that he won the game and he is turning himself in because he wants to be with his team as everything comes to an end.


Ursula Corbero as Tokyo in 'Money Heist' Season 5 (Netflix)


Before leaving, he tells Alicia and others to find the gold. Alicia couldn’t believe what he was saying and told him that she is tired of all this and is breastfeeding. But Professor says that you are the best in catching thieves and caught him when entire Spain couldn’t find him. Alicia says yes and Professor gives her a note and tells her something that viewers could not hear.

The episode ends with a flashback scene where Tokyo and Professor are dancing and Tokyo tells him that the team never worries because they know that he is always with them. Even if the world comes down, he will come and protect them. In the final moments, Professor is seen getting inside the bank and meeting the team for the first time since the heist began.

Truly, one of the best penultimate episodes ever.


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