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‘My Boyfriend is Better’: Mnet announces survival show where girls bet on partners’ skills

In their process of revamping variety shows, Mnet launches a new program that will premiere in March where girlfriends bet money on their partners ability to sing
Mnet announces their new betting game show where girlfriends bet money on the singing skills of their respective boyfriends (@mnet_official/Instagram)
Mnet announces their new betting game show where girlfriends bet money on the singing skills of their respective boyfriends (@mnet_official/Instagram)

As 2021 came to an end, the network Mnet announced the premiere of multiple reality programs that will serve the purpose of entertainment for fans of Korean content. With the popularity of the performance-based show, ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ as well as the dance show, ‘Street Woman Fighter’ alongside the girl group survival show, 'Girl's Planet 999’ that gave birth to the girl group, Kep1er, and decorated the year for fans of K-pop.

Now as 2022 comes to a start, Mnet has prepared many more variety shows including ‘Queendom 2’, ‘I-Land 2’ and many more. On February 15 it was announced that Mnet would launch a new entertainment program called ‘My Boyfriend is Better’ where girlfriends put the skills of their boyfriends to the test by betting money on them.


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Mnet announces ‘My Boyfriend is Better’

The upcoming variety show from Mnet will be a new type of music entertainment program, in which girlfriends will put the singing skills of their partners to test. At the variety show, just as the boys pride in their singing skills as they compete with one another, their respective girlfriends battle one another in brain battles.

It was reported that the show will feature five couples where the girlfriends who wish to show off their boyfriend’s singing skills will battle other couples. As the boyfriends show off their singing skills in each mission, the judges panel decides the lowest scoring contestant who will drop out of the rounds that follow.


Mnet’s gamble-based singing show, ‘My Boyfriend is Better’

Mnet announced that the format of the show also ensures that girls bet a sum of money they wish and the topmost scoring man of the rounds takes the money home.   The show will also act as a test for couples where girls have to bet money on the basis of the trust that they have over their partners singing skills.

The show, ‘My Boyfriend is Better’ 8/ a singing based betting show that contains the sincerity of singing alongside the cunningness of gamble. The show ‘My Boyfriend is Better’ will premiere for the first time on Mnet in March of 2022.


'Chen's wife would be rich'

Fans started joking about how the show will be extremely chaotic but were still going to watch it for the drama. One fan said, "Mnet dropping a show called my boyfriend is better where girls have to compare their men ? Knowing how shitty many are it's gonna be fun to watch." One fan said, "MY BOYFRIEND IS BETTER is gonna be fire." One fan joked how EXO Chen's wife would be really rich after the show given the singers exceptional singing skills if he performed in the Mnet reality show as they said, "Chen wife after this show."

One fan said, "I only see couples fighting coming out of this program. Sorry but I am going to have to pass on this one." One fan said, "Wtf. This just sound so weird to even try to watch it." One more fan said, "Well, ummm, this should be quite VERY interesting, I shall say."