'Mine' Episode 7: Hee-soo tells Ja-kyeong she can have Ji-yong, will the two women team up with Seo-hyun?

'Mine' episode 7 unpacks a lot of secrets. Ja-kyeong tells her truth to Hee-soo and the resulting pressure results in a miscarriage

                            'Mine' Episode 7: Hee-soo tells Ja-kyeong she can have Ji-yong, will the two women team up with Seo-hyun?
A still of Lee Bo-young as Hee-soo in 'Mine' (tvN)

The truth was revealed partly in 'Mine' episode 7 - the fact that Ha-joon's mother is not dead. She is very much alive, and not long ago she worked as Ha-joon's tutor Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon). Now, she has revealed the truth about herself to Hee-soo even before Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung) could tell her co-sister about the truth that Hee-soo's (Lee Bo-young) husband Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook) had wanted to hide from her. As Ji-yong expected, the truth has made Hee-soo sick.

When Hee-soo and Seo-hyun are dealing with the truth about Ha-joon's mother Lee Hye-jin, Jin-ho (Park Hyuk-kwon), and the head maid Min-su (Park Sung-yeon), have found the secret room that belonged to his father in which he has secretly kept the belongings of Ji-yong's biological mother. 


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The Kdrama continues to frustrate us with how selfish and clueless each character arc continues to be, but keeps us hooked because of the same reason. We are curious about who would lose what. Will Hee-soo lose her husband and Ha-joon? His mother wants Ha-joon back and now, Lee Hye-jin will go to any extent to get Ha-joon back. 

A still of Seo-hyun in 'Mine' episode 7. (tvN)

Ji-yong on the other hand continues to manipulate and lie to his wife Hee-soo, who at the moment is nothing but a vassal for his unborn child. The only reason why he is putting up with anything that she has to say is that she is pregnant with his child. Ji-yong has one place where he vents his anger out and that is the ring. He pays wrestlers to fight each other bloody and gets pleasure out of watching them instill pain and fear in the other. This is the one-time Ji-yong's true psychopathic side is revealed. We wonder when this side of his will be revealed to his family because that day is not far. 

With Seo-hyun pushing Ji-yong back, now that she knows about his true intentions, the fight for controlling Hyowon will be between Ji-yong and Seo-hyun. Jin-ho, Hee-soo, and Jae-kyung will just become pawns in their fight. What will be interesting to watch is to see who Seo-hyun allies herself with. For the moment, she has decided to keep Hye-jin aka fake Ja-kyeong with her and in this attempt, she switches the maids between her home Cadenza and Rubato. She sends, Kyeong-hye, Seong-tae, and Yu-yeon to Rubato and asks chief maid Min-su to bring over the maids from Rubato including Ja-kyeong to her home.

Before this switch, however, Hee-soo confronts Ja-kyeong and learns that Ha-joon's mother is not out for revenge but is back to get her son back. This worries Hee-soo more than anything because she loves Ha-joon like her own, and is not ready to give him away; not even to his real mom. When not one of her arguments work, Hee-soo ends up offering Ji-yong on a platter. She tells Ja-kyeong, it would be better if the fake tutor took her husband away instead of her child and that pretty much shocks Ja-kyeong into silence. 

A still of Ja-kyeong in 'Mine' episode 7. (tvN)

However, it is towards the end of the episode that things take a turn for the worse because Hee-soo loses her child. She is desperate and tries as hard as possible to undo the whole mess, but is unable to. This comes right after she learns the truth about her husband from Ja-kyeong. On top of this, there is also the fact that Ha-joon knows the truth about Ja-kyeong being his real mother. In this situation, we also learn that the Chairman had never intended to hand Hyowon over to Ji-yong.

The show is just layers of intrigue -- as one layer is revealed, another one is hidden within. For instance, it was Ji-yong who had brought Hye-jin into Rubato as Ja-kyeong. Everything that he had claimed to Hee-soo was a lie. He is a master manipulator who is now out for Hyowon and he will remove anything that stands in his way including Seo-hyun and Hee-soo. 

'Mine' episode will stream on Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays and will air in South Korea on tvN.  

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