'Mine' Episode 1 and Episode 2: Premiere episodes promise another mystery plot like hit SBS show 'Penthouse'

'Mine' begins with a bloody murder and a troubled witness who narrates what led to the crime being committed

                            'Mine' Episode 1 and Episode 2: Premiere episodes promise another mystery plot like hit SBS show 'Penthouse'
Kim Seo-hyung as Seo-hyun in 'Mine' (tvN)

'Mine' premiered in Korea following the end of the much-celebrated show 'Vincenzo' which starred Song Joong-ki. The show definitely has big shoes to fill. So far, though it looks like the show is very close to SBS' hit drama 'Penthouse'.  Of course, since the success of 'The World of the Married', there has been increased interest in shows that delve deeper into the lives of married couples, especially those who are steeped in privilege. 

In the first two episodes, the show sets up an intriguing plot about a chaebol family's eldest daughter-in-law Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung). She is currently struggling to keep a secret. From the outside though, she seems like she is a very successful member of the family. She is not only the director of an art gallery but also about to open a multicultural center as well. However, the secret she's holding very close to her heart has begun to resurface and she asks for help from her co-sister Seo Hi-soo (Lee Bo-young).


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Hi-soo is the one who doesn't seem to fit into all the scheming and plotting that the rest of the family seem to relish. However, she is a smart woman who understands all the members of her family. She has also figured out that the new au pair who was employed to take care of her step-son, Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon) is not who she seems to be on the surface. However, instead of confronting her, she stretches a hand out in friendship. 

Lee Bo-young as Hi-soo in 'Mine'. (tvN)

Hi-soo also ends up referring a nun to counsel her co-sister, as a way of keeping anything that they discuss private and confidential. We get to learn a little about Hi-soo's background too -- she was an actress, who has retired from work post her marriage.

An interesting point to note is the fact that it is the nun, who counsels Seo-hyun, appears as a witness in the first episode to recount details regarding a murder. So the question is this -- is Hi-soo really as innocent as she portrays herself to be? If that were the case, the show would need a lot more drama to keep audiences hooked to the upcoming episodes. 

Lee Hyun-wook as Ji-yong in 'Mine'. (tvN)


As of now, everything that the show has introduced, including an illicit, but platonic affair between an employee and the youngest member of the family is old and such narrative hooks have already been used in other shows of the same genre. So a dramatic twist is definitely required if this show wants to make any impact. As of now, the upcoming episodes allude to a possible affair between the au pair and Hi-soo's husband Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook). There is the whole angle about the rival co-sisters, but as of now, we do not see rivalry, as such. It would be great if these co-sister do not plot against each other but plot together to acheive their combined goals. However, we will have to wait and watch how things shape up.

'Mine' episode will stream on Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays every week

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