'Mine' Episodes 3 and 4: Is Ha-joon's mother really dead? Show comes up with more secrets as it delves deeper

Episodes 3 and 4 see certain secrets surface to the fore while others continue to be buried

                            'Mine' Episodes 3 and 4: Is Ha-joon's mother really dead? Show comes up with more secrets as it delves deeper
Ok Ja-yeon as Kang Ja-kyeong and Lee Hyun-wook as Han Ji-yong in 'Mine' (tvN)

Over the weekend, 'Mine' went on to add much more drama than its premiere week. For one, the drama surrounding who Ha-joon's mother really is, is getting unraveled bit by bit. Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) is falling further into the trap set by the tutor who came home to take care of Ha-joon. This tutor is Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon), and from the moment she entered the homes of Hee-soo and her in-laws, she has done nothing but want to take Hee-soo's place. 

From wearing her dress when she thought she was not being seen, to crossing the line always when it comes to guiding Ha-joon, she has been getting on the nerves of Hee-soo and the audience. However, strangely, her husband doesn't seem to find a problem with this woman crossing so many boundaries. In fact, Ji-yong tells Hee-soo that he believes that they have found the perfect tutor for Ha-joon this time. 


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However, what we wonder is why he changed his mind about her so swiftly. Initially, when she had been introduced, he did not take to her too well. However, the moment that she met him near the windmill and convinced him to give up the position of chairman to his older brother; she seems to have changed. Turns out Ha-joon's mother is alive after all and she is ready to take back everything she had said no to before.

Hee-soo and Seo-hyun in 'Mine' (tvN)

Not just that, Ja-kyeong also seems to know more about this family than Hee-soo. She seems to have a card that will topple down the family. The eldest daughter-in-law in the Rubato house is clearly wary of Ja-kyeong and her informants let her know of Ja-kyeong and Hee-soo's husband Ji-yong taking a walk together in the garden when they believed that there was no one around. How much longer before this secret makes its way to Hee-soo? Or will she stay clueless until the end? It is still not clear as to who the dead woman at the beginning of the show is.

Beyond all of this though, the Mother who is acting as Hee-soo and Jung Seo-hyun's (Kim Seo-hyung) counselor seems to be holding a secret of her own too. Does she have some connection to family that is residing in Rubato, if not, why would she stop Hee-soo from finding out the truth about her husband who has begun to cheat on her? He is cheating on her with his son's mother and their rendezvous is no longer a secret that will stay under the lid. The only thing now is to see when the s**t's going to hit the ceiling and watch how Hee-soo will react.

Seo-hyun in 'Mine' (tvN)

Then there is also the secret that Seo-hyun has been hiding from everyone in her family and it might have something to do with the woman that she had fallen in love with. While holding onto her own secrets, she also ends up finding everyone else's and this includes Ji-yong's secret with his son's tutor. 

'Mine' episode will stream on Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays and will air in South Korea on tvN.

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