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Michael Palacios: NYC McDonald's ax-wielder WALKS FREE without bail, gloats about 'fun chase' with cops

Michael Palacios reportedly smashed a McDonald's stores and threatened customers after a female customer rejected his advances
UPDATED SEP 19, 2022
Michael Palacios smashes the tables at a McDonald’s in New York City and threatens customers (Photo credit screenshot kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twiter)
Michael Palacios smashes the tables at a McDonald’s in New York City and threatens customers (Photo credit screenshot kiddlite21 via McgooShakes/Twiter)

LOWER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK CITY: An ax-wielding man who was filmed threatening customers at a Lower East Side McDonald's on September 16 after a girl rejected him was released without bail two days later, said reports. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office reported that Palacios, 31, who is accused of grabbing an ax and trashing the fast-food restaurant on Delancey Street early on Friday, was arraigned on fourth-degree criminal mischief and possession-of-weapons charges hours later and released without bail.

Palacios got in a fight with some people at McDonald’s on the Lower East Side, resulting in him pulling out an ax from his backpack and unleashing his fury. Both charges fall outside of the state's lax criminal justice reforms and are not eligible for bail. During the early-morning tirade, Palacios crushed two tables and a plate-glass divider, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.


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According to New York Post, Palacios allegedly lost his cool when a restaurant patron "rejected" him after he repeatedly tried to talk to her, a witness clarified the bizarre encounter that was captured on camera. “So, basically he got into an argument with a girl, and then the girl rejected him. She didn’t want to talk to him. He kept going at her," Uber Eats deliveryman Ruben G told NY Post.

Three McDonald's patrons intervened and started punching Palacios, who seemed to maintain his composure in the cellphone footage of the event. After they backed down, Palacios allegedly dug into his backpack and drew out an ax, destroying tables and the restaurant wall while diners fled in terror. He went to each of the patrons, punching and slapping them individually as he pleased. The accused tried to intimidate all the people with his ax as people backed off in fear of getting struck. Not too later, Palacios is then seen mounting his bicycle and pedaling off. He was later arrested and charged in connection with the event.

According to Daily Mail, in an Instagram post after his release, Palacios said, "After the 5 minute police chase through the lower East side the NYPD told me 'that was fun chase'. Traffic was weak and I couldn't get out of the neighborhood I fell of my bike making a hair pin turn from the street to the sidewalk, landing on my shoulder and dislocating it. They took me to the hospital and than jail. And now I'm out. Some of you want me to go to jail? Already did! Haha. So Have a great day".