Six-yr-old boy detained by airport security for carrying TOY GUNS in his backpack

Six-yr-old boy detained by airport security for carrying TOY GUNS in his backpack
6-year-old detained at airport for carrying toy guns (

A video went viral on Tiktok showing an airport security officer detaining a little child for carrying two toy firearms in his Mario Bros backpack. The six-year-old boy was taken aside and had his things examined at the airport in Mexico City after the discovery was made. The video, which was posted on TikTok, hit 20.5 million views. It was captioned, "Six-year-old suspected of carrying weapons at the airport!"
The clip shows the six-year-old watching in bewilderment as security personnel gather around his two toy pistols and take pictures of them with a phone. The video then zooms out, showing his family's suitcases. The bags were labeled as "inspected luggage" and appeared to have been examined by the airport authorities. You can watch the video here.



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The Sun reported that the child was traveling with his family to Oaxaca to celebrate his birthday when he was reportedly stopped by airport security for having "suspicious objects". Upon noticing his toy firearms, the security personnel then thoroughly searched the boy's rucksack before forcing his parents to unlock their luggage. The detention lasted for around 20 minutes before they were permitted to board the plane.
The youngster, according to a family member, packed his five toys at the last minute and was permitted to bring them on the trip. He selected his two favorite plastic pistols to take on the vacation, along with some teddy bears. 
The anecdote may make people chuckle, but it also highlights the security issues that Mexico faces every day. This protocol is a result of efforts by several nations to harmonize their security measures to combat drug and arms trafficking on land, air, and sea routes.
One of these protocols, which applies to airports in the European Union and Latin America, is the "items prohibited in hand luggage" guide, reports Bullfrag. This requires airport administration to check and detain any traveler in possession of firearms; light, deadly, compressed air, or toy weapons; projectile-firing devices; stun guns; work tools; blunt objects; substances or explosive or incendiary devices; chemical or toxic substances, among many others.



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As per combined data collected from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography and the Secretary of National Defense, on average 200,000 real firearms enter the city of Mexico each year, which is a matter of concern.

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