'You f***ing b***h': Viral TikTok shows McDonald's drive-thru employee snapping at woman

'You f***ing b***h': Viral TikTok shows McDonald's drive-thru employee snapping at woman
McDonald's worker swears at woman (Brandon Bell/Getty Images, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In a viral TikTok posted by user @hails.mae, a McDonald's employee can be heard swearing at her at the drive-thru. His angry words came after the woman asked him to add large fries to her order which had already totaled $61.30. The employee's frustration was clear as he snapped, "You know we close in like 10 minutes, you f*****g b***h. C’mon." It was later revealed that the video was shot as a joke. 

The video was first posted in late 2020 and had racked up almost 8 million views. Since then, the clip has been repeatedly shared, with people reacting to it in different ways. The TikToker posted the video again recently and garnered close to  a million views. Many have criticized the employee for his behaviour, but others sympathized with him, recognizing the burnout faced by hospitality workers


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A McDonald's drive thru worker hands an order to a customerFebruary 9, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Fast food chain restaurant McDonald's reported a 7.1 percent increase in same store sales for January as people look towards cheaper food alternatives in the weakening economy.
The viral TikTok was recorded at a McDonald's drive-thru(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

TikToker @hails.mae posted two videos. In the first, she asks the clerk to "add large fries" to her existing order. The employee is then heard snapping at her, reminding her in not very pretty words that they were to close in 10 minutes. The second video shared by the same user reveals that the previous one had been shot as a joke - the TikToker had in fact asked the McDonald's employee to say something rude to her. 

The viral clip has garnered mixed reactions from the public, with many criticizing the employee for his rudeness. One user commented, "Should never speak to a person like that. Kindness always." Another called for his termination, saying: "He needs to be fired, that’s his job." There was another who wrote: "I really hope he was one of her friends joking around with her and if not he deserves to be fired. Sometimes that happens and the customer comes first."

A customer is rung up by a cashier in a Kroger grocery store on July 15, 2022 in Houston, Texas. U.S. retail sales rose 1.0% in June according to the Commerce Department, with consumers spending more across a range of goods including gasoline, groceries, and furniture.
 Retail workers often face unwarranted frustration at their jobs (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

There were others who sympathized with the employee. One user wrote: "I really feel his pain," while another commented, "Bro said what everyone was thinking." 
Extending their support, another viewer wrote, "ANYONE going anywhere before the last 15 minutes of the lockdown is wrong to me lol."

The debate of whether or not the 'customer is always right' is an unending one. People who work in retail and hospitality often share their frustrating ordeals. In fact, they often experience instances of burnout. The symptoms are present in the reform of irritability, mood swings and depression. They also complain of a lack of motivation and lethargy. Employers should recognize such symptoms of burnout and take preventive steps to ensure the overall well-being of those working for them. 

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