#MenToo trends after Guardian article claims not believing Amber Heard will kill 'Me Too' movement

#MenToo trends after Guardian article claims not believing Amber Heard will kill 'Me Too' movement
The article fails to understand that people against Heard are not against female survivors or the #MeToo movement (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Despite there being concrete evidence that proves Amber Heard is an abuser, including a recording where she herself admits to hitting Johnny Depp, media portals continue to whitewash the actress. An article by The Guardian titled "#MeToo is over if we don't listen to 'imperfect victims' like Amber Heard" has faced a lot of criticism for being biased and prejudiced.

"The idea that Heard is a manipulator, a fantasist and an abuser herself has caught fire across all social media, and some more traditional outlets. Every sexist trope ever used to humiliate and discredit female accusers has been deployed against her at vast scale," says The Guardian article. But it fails to understand that people against Heard are not against female survivors or the #MeToo movement. With Heard herself confessing to having abused Depp in the recordings, it doesn't matter what her gender is, just the fact that she is an abuser.


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The above article led to backlash and gave rise to the hashtag #MenToo which started trending. One user called the portal out and said, "#MeToo is over if don't also listen to male victims of abuse and, instead, condemn them because their gender. Your coverage of this very important issue has been shameful. As a loyal reader of @guardian for years, I’ve lost all respect for you & your credibility #AbuseHasNoGender."



Another wrote, "Evidence is the bedrock of the legal process. What's intriguing is the disparity between the U.K. verdict and the unfolding narrative in the U.S. Both trials relied on the same evidence. A media built narrative versus live streaming online has opened many people's eyes." A third said, "I think if I read that right, what they mean is: Man + Abusive + Imperfect = Perpetrator and Woman + Abusive + Imperfect = Victim. Yay for equality between the genders!!! A political movement with no flaws."





A fourth user tweeted, "@guardian calling liars 'imperfect victims' is absolutely disgusting. I hope whoever wrote that article and the editor who let it fly get accused by an imperfect victim who can be punched more times than she can count and appear on tv the next day with a flawless face #MenToo." A fifth felt, "From the evidence I have seen & contrary to the sexist hit pieces in Vogue/Guardian there is no question victims of domestic abuse can be men. It certainly seems overwhelming in this case. I hope Johnny gets the justice he deserves. #MenToo #JusticeForJohnny #MeToo #TimesUp."





While one user commented, "To all Amber Heard supporters. Reverse the roles on the audio recordings. What if Johnny said I was hitting you not punching you. Would there even be a trial?! @vogue?!? Would he be an imperfect victim? @guardian #IStandWithJohnnyDepp #JusticeForJohnnydepp #MenToo," another said, "The article in @guardian was awful. This trial is not the end of the #MeToo. The advancement the movement has done doesn't end with Amber. Violence against men are real and this trial have been a eye opener for violence against men. #JusticeForJohnnyDeep #MenToo."





The gender of the abuser does not matter, and using it as a tool to further an agenda is downright wrong. Using the #MeToo movement to protect proven female abusers is disrespectful to the whole movement, which has given so many survivors the courage to stand up and share their stories. People standing up against abusers regardless of their gender does not harm the progress of the movement. The only people who harm it are those who misuse the movement.


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