'Bizarre!': Mel Gibson awkwardly halts interview after being asked grenade question about Will Smith slapgate

'Bizarre!': Mel Gibson awkwardly halts interview after being asked grenade question about Will Smith slapgate
Mel Gibson didn’t respond to the Fox News anchor Jesse Watters' question on Will Smith and Chris Rock's slapgate incident (Twitter)

Will Smith's infamous slap at the Academy Awards has been a hot topic of discussion and in a virtual interview, held on Friday, April 1, Fox News presenter Jesse Watters tried to get actor's Mel Gibson view of the entire fiasco. However, the loaded question was quickly avoided by the actor's management by abruptly cutting the interview off. 

Veteran actor Mel Gibson, who is no stranger to controversy, appeared on the show to promote his movie ‘Father Stu.' In fact, the Fox News anchor indirectly pointed out Gibson's history of making anti-Semitic and racist remarks, in a possible hope of getting a strong reaction to the Oscars confrontation between Will Smith and Chris Rock


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Watch Mel Gibson's responding awkwardly after Jesse Watters' Slapgate Query:




Watters told Gibson, referring to Smith hitting the comic at the Academy Awards after he made a joke about his wife, “You understand it probably better than a lot of people, with your career. I was wondering if you had been the one that jumped up out of his seat and slapped Chris Rock, if you would’ve been treated the same way, Mel,” asked Fox News host Jesse Watters on Friday evening. “Have you ever thought about that?”


Gibson didn’t respond to him and instead waved his hand while pointing his finger towards the camera, grimacing and shaking his head. “Hello, Jesse? Um, thank you, that's our time,” a female voice from off-camera said. Gibson then maintained a weird smile on his face, gazing sideways off-camera and then into his lap.

The anchor, on the other hand, continued to wait for his response. Gibson ignored the anchor and kept his gaze dropped until Watters thanked him for his time, at which point Gibson looked up and answered with a wave, and the section concludes.

Meanwhile, Gibson's weird response to Watters' query has been slammed on social media. A user wrote, "Mel Gibson, a great actor, I was very disappointed that he did not have an answer to what if he had hit Rock, what would have been the reaction, another Hollywood actor who can play a tough guy in movies, but be not brave enough to answer that question." A user tweeted, "What a BIZARRE interview. Why is he never looking at the camera, and why is there a person off screen on a CELL PHONE talking??????"




On the other hand, fans of the actor are supporting him for not reacting to the query. One of his fans tweeted, "Mel Gibson's answers were well thought out. He handled the interview with focus, grace and humility. Bravo!" Another one commented, "Mel has no business wading into this conjecture territory. That was him indicating to his publicist that he wanted out and she got him out. Simple."





The interview aired roughly an hour after Will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, stating he will accept any additional repercussions imposed by the Academy's board of directors as a result of his slapping of Chris Rock on stage on Sunday, March 27, Oscars ceremony.

The Academy held an emergency board meeting of its governors to begin an official assessment process. Smith could have risked expulsion or suspension from the Academy, as well as becoming ineligible for award consideration. As part of the official assessment process, the Academy's board will meet again on April 15 to decide on additional repercussions.

Meanwhile, Gibson's 'Father Stu' is set to release in theatres on April 13.

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