'Maxident': Stray Kids get 3rd highest pre-orders with 2.24M, Knetz shocked they 'blew up'

'Maxident': Stray Kids get 3rd highest pre-orders with 2.24M, Knetz shocked they 'blew up'
Stray Kids will release their latest album 'Maxident' on October 7 (Stray_Kids/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Stray Kids are truly flying high and are about to touch new heights of success as their latest album 'Maxident' just recorded 2.24 million pre-orders days before its actual release. This makes 'Maxident' the third-highest pre-ordered album in the history of K-pop. It is more impressive as their past album 'Oddinary', which was a record-breaker in its own right by topping Billboard 200, had only amassed 1.3 million pre-orders two days before its release making fans excited for 'Maxident'.

While 'Maxident' is set to be released on October 7, it was reported on September 28 that the album had reached a whopping number of 2.24 million pre-orders surpassing the likes of senior K-pop acts like Blackpink and NCT. It should be noted that the first two ranks are taken by BTS for their 'Map of the Soul' series which had accumulated 4 million and 3 million pre-orders back in 2020 and 2019. With Stray Kids coming in third, fans are proud. This also makes them the fourth-gen group with the highest pre-orders.


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Stray Kids get 2.24 million pre-orders for 'Maxident'

Pre-orders count to the demand which is the decisive factor in how many albums will be produced hence allowing fans to predict how many actual sales will be generated. Stray Kids also extend their record as the only fourth-gen K-pop group to cross 1.3 million pre-orders which they had done with their previous album. With 'Oddinary' crossing 853,000 first-week sales following their pre-orders, expectations are extremely high for 'Maxident'. With a week left for the album's release, the pre-order amount is bound to increase.

'So proud of you'

With Stray Kids' 'Maniac' also being the ninth most streamed song globally, Knetizens were impressed with their growth. One user was surprised, "BTS lives in another world so if you remove them, Stray Kids is the only male idol group Looks like Stray Kids has been successful overseas." Another reasoned, "Guys, they blew up overseas, so why are you guys still bringing up Melon? They ranked #1 on Billboard 200 and have over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, so it’s true that their popularity blew up.. Of course they blew up overseas." One said, "I’m a fan of TXT but I admit it. I was surprised when I saw their YouTube views without ads this time."

One fan tweeted, "Stray kids did this, with 3 version. all songs written , composed , and arranged by the members. and we still have 8 days to go. i’m beyond proud." Another fan posted, "Awwn congratulations, @Stray_Kids Look at you getting bigger and bigger.. IM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYSS." One fan added, "2.24M PREORDERS HOLY SHT I KNEW WE COULD DO IT I KNEW MY SKZ WOULD GET THERE I KNEW MY I AM YOU BOYS HAD ALL THIS POTENTIAL IM IN F*KING TEARS."




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