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'MasterChef: Back to Win': Gabriel whom Gordon sent to culinary school returns, fan say 'let's go Gabriel'

Gabriel, whose elimination from Season 8 of 'MasterChef' was the pinnacle of his tenure on the show, comes back to win it
Gabriel Lewis in 'MasterChef: Back to Win' (Fox)
Gabriel Lewis in 'MasterChef: Back to Win' (Fox)

Gabriel Lewis rose to prominence after appearing on Gordon Ramsay's 'Masterchef' Season 8. Fans are pleased to witness his growth as a result of the opportunity Gordon presented him with about culinary school, as he returns to compete for the title.

Gabriel earned a name for himself in Season 8 with his genuineness, creativity, and charisma. Despite being sent home early and finishing eighth, he made an impact on Ramsay, who offered to fund his way through culinary school. Like many of us, Covid-19 derailed Lewis' plans to work for Chef Sanchez, forcing him to get inventive to thrive in what was deemed the new normal. Now, he's returned to win it after four seasons!


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Gabriel in his confessional mentions that the last time he was in the 'MasterChef' kitchen, he was fresh out of high school and Gordon personally sent him to culinary school following his elimination. Since then, he has been crowned Oklahoma City's Best Chef 2019, and he is returning to take another shot at winning the 'MasterChef' title. Gabriel faces Shelly from Season 6, Malcolm from Season 4, and Sheetal from Season 1 to win a white apron.

Gabriel's Port Wine Glazed Pork Chop is served with Southern Style Greens and Chipotle Corn Purée. The caramelization of the meat exposes the flavor of the rub, according to Aaron. Gordon describes the cook on the meat as "textbook," the sauce as "rich and inviting," and the heat in the dish as "spot on." Joe commends him on the way he seasoned his protein in the dish. Jerk Chicken Taco with Coconut Rice, Peas, Sweet Plantain, and Slaw was the next dish from Shelly. Gordon believes it's a risk, while Aaron refers to it as a "special taco." Malcolm serves up a dessert, his daughter's favorite Dried Cranberry and Apple Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce. Gordon likes the fact that it is "festive." Joe describes it as a "bear hug" of a meal. Sheetal, the day's final cook, serves Halibut Corn Tostadas with Avocado Crema and Cabbage Slaw. Gordon likes it, but the star of the dish, the fish itself, is a little dry. According to Aaron, it includes all the elements of a typical tostada.

With overall excellent feedback from the judges, Gabriel secures the season's last white apron and completes the Top 20. As soon as he seals the deal, fans rushed to Twitter to share their excitement. One fan wrote how Gordon set him up for success by sending the young cook to a culinary school. The tweet read: "When @GordonRamsay sends you to culinary school he’s setting you up for success! Let’s go Gabriel!! @MASTERCHEFonFOX #MasterChef #BackToWin"


Praising his dish, a non-pork eating fan tweeted: "Gabriel seared that Pork Chop beautifully, even though I definitely don't eat Pork anymore! He's not playing around! #MasterChef #MCBackToWin". Appreciating the cook on his protein, a fan wrote: "Ooooh Gabriel's plate looks sexy...the caramelization on this chop is #MasterChef". Another fan wrote how beautiful it is to see him grow over the years. They wrote: "Mind you I think Gabriel was still working at Chipotle during his season. Beautiful to see how amazing his glow up has been. Bless".




One fan wrote how they loved Gabriel and Season 8 and happy for him to be back. They tweeted: "i really enjoyed gabriel during his season so im happy that he got the last apron #masterchef". While one fan joked how it would look if Gabriel didn't make it after Gordon put him in a culinary school for 3 years. They wrote: "Of course Gabriel has to advance Imagine Gordon Ramsay puts this kid in culinary school and 3+ yrs later eliminates him in the next MasterChef lol".



Tune in to Fox next Wednesday at 8 pm to witness the Top 20 contestants compete for the 'MasterChef' title for the second time.

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