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'Renovation, Inc.': Sarah and Rebecca argue over the lake house's interior design

Despite trying her best to not vent out her frustration with Sarah, Rebecca ended up bringing up Darren's topic
'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House' stars Sarah Baeumler and Rebecca (HGTV)
'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House' stars Sarah Baeumler and Rebecca (HGTV)

When one thinks of HGTV shows beautiful properties is the first thing that pops up in our mind. While drama and HGTV are like oil and water, the Baeumlers managed to bring a fair share of anxiety-inducing drama with their popular show 'Renovation Island' to the network. Husband and wife duo- Bryan and Sarah Baeumler spent all their money in buying an old hotel in the Bahamas and took on the massive project of renovating it into a luxury tourist hotspot. With a shoestring budget and stringent deadlines, week after week fans watched stressfully wondering if the Baeunlers would be able to finish the project on time. 

The Baeumlers bring similar energy to their new HGTV show 'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House'. Bryan decided to make his childhood dream of owning a lake house near his parent's cottage into reality on the latest HGTV show. The show already kicked off with a bit of drama when Sarah wasn't pleased about the location of their new property. From there on things only seem to get more dramatic with each passing episode. The Baeumlers hired an interior designer named Rebecca to help them with designing the interiors of their lake house. Anybody who has watched 'Renovation Island' would know what a stickler for details Sarah is. So get ready to watch Sarah and Rebecca lock horns in the upcoming episode of the HGTV show.


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Sarah Baeumler on 'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House' (HGTV)

The Baeumlers gave Rebecca a set budget to come up with the idea to design the house. Unfortunately, Sarah's tastes proved to be way too expensive to fit within the budget. While Rebecca was busy trying to figure out how to accommodate Sarah's vision within their budget, Sarah went ahead and roped in another designer named Darren to help bring her vision to life. The duo began to check out floor designs and various furnishings for the lake house without informing Rebecca about it.

Sarah instead just dropped Rebecca a mail with whatever Darren and she had decided to keep her in the loop. Rebecca was furious and upset with Sarah's behavior. She began questioning her role in designing the lake house. She felt that she wasn't needed anymore as Sarah and Darren were doing all the work. Later she met up Bryan and Sarah to discuss her ideas and the budget. Despite trying her best to not vent out her frustration with Sarah, Rebecca ended up bringing up Darren's topic. She openly questioned the Baeumlers about her role as an interior designer for the lake house.

Interior designer Rebecca on 'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House' (HGTV)

Bryan tried to broker peace between Sarah and Rebecca, but both the ladies refuse to back down. While Sarah felt that Darren was just helping in bringing her vision to life within their budget, Rebecca was offended by Sarah going behind her back and roping in Darren. It looks like things will hit a breaking point between Sarah and Rebecca. We will just have to wait and watch to see if Rebecca will continue as the designer for the Baeumlers or quit the job. 

'Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV.