'Ugliest House in America': 5 things you need to know about host Retta

Actress and Comedian Retta will add crazy fun to the new HGTV show that will air in early 2022

                            'Ugliest House in America': 5 things you need to know about host Retta
Retta to host 'Ugliest House in America' (Twitter)

HGTV has countless renovation and home designing shows for people who love to sit and watch property-related shows. So, what makes HGTV's new reality show 'Ugliest House in America' different from others? Well, the answer is Retta.

'Ugliest House in America' is the upcoming show on HGTV that will take you to have a look at the most questionable cribs in America. Actress and Comedian Retta will add crazy fun to the show that will air in early 2022. Retta travels across the country touring homes nominated by their owners as the worst houses in America. After visiting all the houses, Retta and her crew will decide to select the 'Ugliest House in America' for rewarding the homeowner with a $150,000 renovation.


'Ugliest House in America': 5 things you need to know about HGTV reality show

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Reeta in a press release said," I loooove a renovation 'before and after,' so to have front-row seat from beginning to end in the Ugliest House in America is pretty damn exciting, especially since I fancy myself an amateur designer. My go-to design recommendations are to add a chandelier and more cabinets for storage, so amateur!"

Who is Retta?

Retta is one of the most famous American stand-up comedians and actresses. She is known for her role as Dona Meagle on NBC'S 'Park and Recreation.' In addition, the actress has also made her appearance in several films and televisions shows. Being a stand-up comedian, she has also performed on Comedy Central's 'Premium Blend.'

After completing her graduation from Duke, Retta started working as a chemist. However, in her spare time, she used to do stand-up comedy at Charlie Goodnights Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. She started doing stand-up in the year 1996. She started earning with stand-up comedy in the year 1998 when she began touring on the college circuit.


Retta has also worked by serving as the opening act for such comedians as Shirley Hemphill and Bobby Collins. Retta was also the host of the third Critics 'Choice Television Awards.' After that, she also appeared on 'Hollywood Game Night' as a contestant along with other famous celebrities.


Earlier Retta was seen in 'Parks and Recs' as she cast the role of Doona Meagle. She also played the character of Ruby joining a life of crime with her childhood friends named Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman and received a positive review after her appearance in 'Good Girls'. The actress was asked that she must have felt amazing to know that this was tailor-made was for her. Retta replied saying," It was awesome. It was one of those major Hollywood milestones for me. This is the first time in my career that I didn't have to audition for a part." This was the moment when the actress realized that she has marked her existence in the industry. 


After her casting 'Good Girls', Retta wanted to go for drama. Retta said in an interview," Now that I've gotten to play Ruby and do something different, I want to play the femme fatale." She wanted to get to that point in this profession where no one could say that "Oh, she can't play it!" Now the actress has completed her dream by successfully achieving every goal she wanted in her life.


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