'Moving For Love': HGTV reality show is about love, drama and beautiful homes

'Moving For Love' features two different couples facing challenges in finding their house and living together

                            'Moving For Love': HGTV reality show is about love, drama and beautiful homes
Nicky and Courtney, Carissa and Mason in 'Moving For Love (HGTV)

HGTV is very famous for its real estate and renovation shows. However, if anyone wishes to watch an entertaining lifestyle and home content, then HGTV is the right solution for you with its unique and fun content.

In its first episode, 'Moving For Love' showcased two different couples in long-distance relationships who are facing many problems approaching in their love lives. The couples have to plot many things before shifting to the desired location for living with their love of life. Along with the location they are considering many other factors like affordability, proximity to friends and family members, work-life and a beautiful and spacious house fulfilling all their needs and demand. 


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'Moving For Love' (HGTV)

The two couples showcased in the episode are Nicky and her boyfriend, Courtney, Carissa and her boyfriend Mason. The episode starts with the love birds Nicky and Courtney when they see each other after a long time and visit many Hawai houses to finalize their dream place. Nicky has always dreamt of living in Hawai and tries her best to convince Courtney for living in Hawai. Although Courtney is not sure about moving to Hawaii, the couple visits many houses together. According to Nicky, a dream house includes a perfect view, and her boyfriend does not appreciate this idea. He indeed wants a place with all the basic amenities.

On the other hand, Courtney wants to continue living in Colorado for his work life. In addition, Colorado is close to the family of Nicky and Courtney that attracts them both to start living in Colorado. However, Courtney wants Nicky to be happy and decides to shift to her dream place and buy the house together in Hawaii.

A still from 'Moving For Love' (HGTV)

Carissa and Manson on the other hand are visiting different houses for choosing the best one. Both of them had spent some quality time in Rapid city with their friends and work life. But now Carissa wants to move to Sidney, Ohio because her parents live nearby and Carissa being the single child to her parents want to pay a regular visit to them. However, Manson gives plenty of reasons for continuing their life in Rapid City until her mother emotionally hits him and he changes his mind for shifting and starting a new journey in Sidney, Ohio.

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