GOT7's Mark Tuan 'My Life': Release date, concept and about rapper's new single

After GOT7 completed eight amazing years together, Mark has become the second rapper from the group to announce the release of a new single

                            GOT7's Mark Tuan 'My Life': Release date, concept and about rapper's new single
Mark Tuan from GOT7 will release his third official single titled 'My Life' soon (@marktuan/Twitter)

Fans of GOT7 are extremely busy with the plethora of upcoming solo comebacks by the members of the 'independent' K-pop group. While GOT7 fans are excited for what the future holds in terms of their group activities, members of GOT7 are releasing their solo comebacks one after another, starting with the group penultimate member Bambam who is soon going to release ‘B’, his second EP, followed by a single by Mark Tuan. Reports suggest that JayB is working on an album that he would release soon, while Youngjae was last seen in the Kakao TV web drama ‘Love and Wish’ as its main lead.

The third-gen group, GOT7 celebrated eight years together on January 16 and surprised fans with an Instagram live where all seven members of the group gathered together to celebrate their long run together. JayB and Jinyoung joined together, while the maknaes of GOT7 - Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom - gathered together to greet fans. Jackson who is currently in China, and Mark who is in LA, joined in too, making the session a group video call. Ahgases (fans of the group) were extremely overwhelmed seeing all seven members of GOT7 together for the first time in a while.


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Release Date

Mark Tuan will release his sixth official single titled ‘My Life’ on January 21, 2022, at 12 am ET (2 pm ET)

How to Listen

The single titled ‘My Life’ by GOT7’s Mark Tuan will release on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and others.



To tease the release of his upcoming single, Mark has released a few teasers that convey the mood of the track. In the concept photos that were dropped teasing the song, Mark is seen looking passionate and emotional. The first concept photos saw Mark dressed in white as he lay over an old piano. Another close-up image saw a shirtless Mark as he looked into the camera.

Fans are extremely excited about Mark’s emotional concepts as they compared his looks to that of a white swan. This upcoming single is particularly overwhelming for fans as it comes in quick succession with other GOT7 solos like those of Bambam as well as Jackson alongside Mark who are all part of the GOT7 ‘AmeriThaiKong’ line. ‘My Life’ will mark his third official comeback as a solo artist. Mark initially released ‘One in a Million’ in 2020, embarking on his new solo career.

Mark Tuan followed that by releasing ‘Last Breath’ in 2021 and was also a part of OST ‘Never Gonna Come Down’ for the Marvel movie ‘Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’.


Music Video

The music video for Mark Tuan’s upcoming single ‘My Life’ will release on January 21.