Marissa Rohan: LA Dodgers 'hero' ball girl who tackled fan identified as deaf studies student

Marissa Rohan watched security guards fail one by one in trapping the running fan who had interrupted the match

                            Marissa Rohan: LA Dodgers 'hero' ball girl who tackled fan identified as deaf studies student
LA Dodgers ball girl Marissa Rohan tackled a fan (Instagram: @marissarohann, Twitter)

Just days after the LA Dodgers ball girl trended all over social media, the glorious MVP of the crosstown game against the LA Angels has been identified. Repping a 93 Dodgers jersey on the field, she is Marissa Rohan, recently dubbed the sequel to Rick Monday. The young ball girl has become famous for tackling a fan who had sprinted across the field, and she didn't just tackle him. Rohan tossed him right over the walls into the stand. 

The incident happened on Sunday, August 8, during the Dodgers' 6-1 win over the Angels. Rohan was at the corner of the field, watching security guards fail one by one in trapping the running fan who had interrupted the match. Right at the end of the fan's sprint, Rohan grabbed him and dumped him on the other side of the wall. Her loyalty towards the Dodgers however has lasted much longer than this newfound internet fame. Joining the team in 2019, Rohan is an avid sharer of her journey with the team on her personal Instagram account. Read on to find out about this "hero" of this NFL season.


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Who is Marissa Rohan?

The Los Angeles Dodgers' ball girl enjoyed her first-ever viral moment on the field just days ago when she tackled a fan back into the stands after security guards failed to stop him. Rohan has since been showered with praises and applause — messages of support that are all being shared on her very active Instagram account's stories. Calling Sunday's feat a “rough day at work," Rohan shared a screenshot of a news story about her tackle on Instagram, with the caption: "Yeah I am not going to stop talking about this lol."


Rohan was also applauded for the best tackle since Rick Monday saved the flag decades ago, touting how the legend would be "proud". They were referring to the Cubs center fielder who was tossing a practice ball when two protesters crashed into the field with an American Flag, about to burn it. Monday had snatched the flag and made a run across the entire field before handing the flag over to safety — thus garnering a standing ovation when he came to play during the fifth innings. 


Cal State deaf studies student loves Vegas

All of 24, Rohan is a senior at Cal State Northridge, where she is studying to get a degree in deaf studies. Rohan documents her personal life all over her Instagram, sharing her pride at being a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at Cal State. Rohan has also been a former gymnast, and played softball in the past too — as reveals her Instagram posts. Her Instagram is also sprinkled with photos of Rohan and her boyfriend Justin Fallon, who is reportedly a ticket operations supervisor with the Dodgers. Her last post with Fallon, however, was over three years ago, following which she has thoroughly sashayed her life with the Dodgers on Instagram. 


Rohan's newfound fame has been dubbed as the best play of the game by the internet. Social media was also of the opinion that she saved the day by doing what the guards weren't able to. But when Rohan is not being a Supergirl for the Dodgers, she dabbles in snowboarding and several parties at Las Vegas. Poolside and beachy vibes are aplenty on the memories she drops for her 15.3K followers on Instagram. 


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