Would Tommy Lasorda be still alive if he stayed in hospital? Dodgers legend dies at 93 two days after discharge

Would Tommy Lasorda be still alive if he stayed in hospital? Dodgers legend dies at 93 two days after discharge
Tommy Lasorda (Getty Images)

Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has died at the age of 93. After staying in the hospital for nearly six weeks for reasons not revealed yet, Lasorda was discharged just three days before his death, raising questions whether extending his stay at the hospital would have helped him. The Baseball Hall off Famer's discharge from hospital on Tuesday was confirmed by MLB's network's John Heyman. On Thursday, news of Lasorda suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest and then being rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 10:57 am, was shared by the Dodgers.




According to a report in Associated Press on November 8, Lasorda had been admitted in the hospital for an illness that was not revealed. This happened just a week after Lasorda had joined the Dodgers for the World Series Finale in Arlington, Texas. He was reportedly treated in the ICU until early December after which he was moved. Lasorda had reportedly retired from his position at the Dodger in 1996 for medical reasons. He reportedly suffered a heart attack them and a second one in 2012. In 2017, Lasorda was admitted in hospital for an extended period of time while he received a pacemaker. 

Lasarda's death from cardiac arrest just a couple of days after he was discharged has shocked many. "Words can not express my feelings,” said former Mets manager Bobby Valentine in a tweet and added, “A friend and mentor for 52 years is no longer with us. Tommy no one will ever fill the void you left. Thank you for everything. R.I.P.”

Tommy Lasorda (Wikimedia Commons)

In 2000, four years after he retired from the Dodgers, Lasorda managed the US Olympic baseball team to a gold medal at the Sydney Games. In 2020, Mark Walter, co-owner of the Dodgers, wanted to see them win against Tampa Bay Rays and appointed Lasardo as an advisor. The last time the Dodgers had picked the title for World Championship was in 1988 and that was under Lasardo. He had also led the team to another title victory in 1981 and is a beloved figure in the baseball community. At the time of his death, Lasorda was the oldest living member of the Hall of Fame after  being inducted in 1997 in his first year of eligibility. 

Large parts of Lasorda's career happened to be as a talent scout, coach and manager compared to his onfield performance. The left handed pitcher had appeared in all of 26 big league games spread over three seasons. He was at that time with the Dodgers and Kansas City Athletics. Lasardo had also befriended many in Hollywood and the entertainment industry such as Robert Wagner and Frank Sinatra, and during an interview with Sports Illustrated in 1984, which was three years after his team won the World Championship, Lasorda had said, "I tell you, only in this great nation of ours could the third-string pitcher on the Norristown, Pennsylvania, high school team, the son of an Italian immigrant, be friends with some of the greatest entertainers in the world.”

Lasorda is survived by Jo, his wife of 70 years, daughter Laura, and a granddaughter. His son, Thomas Jr., died in 1991.

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