NYC man kicks and punches Asian-American woman, 65, yells 'you don't belong here' as 2 security guards watch

The entire incident was caught on the surveillance footage of the building in which the security guards stood as they witnessed the crime

                            NYC man kicks and punches Asian-American woman, 65, yells 'you don't belong here' as 2 security guards watch
An Asian-American woman in NYC was brutally beaten in a suspected hate crime as security guards did nothing to help (NYPD)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: In the latest instance of hate crime, a 65-year-old Asian-American woman was on her way to church on Monday, March 29, when she was kicked to the ground by a man and stomped on several times. Incidentally, two security guards standing inside a nearby building did nothing to help to victim despite witnessing the crime. 

The incident in question took place in Hell’s Kitchen and is being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force. The entire incident was caught on the surveillance footage of the building where the security guards were seen standing and witnessing the crime. The unidentified suspect spewed anti-Asian statements as he pushed, punched and kicked the woman as she fell on the sidewalk in Midtown. “F**k you, you don’t belong here,” the perpetrator yelled at the woman, according to sources.


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WARNING: The following footage might be disturbing for some readers



The footage showed that one of the men, who was unloading packages, watched the entire incident unfold. Two other witnesses — who appear to be security guards at the building — walked over to the door as the attack ended, but did not chase after the suspect. Instead, one of the men appeared to shut the building door as the attacker took off and the victim lied helplessly. A doorman at the building where the surveillance video was recorded said on Monday night, March 29, that he was unaware that the attack had taken place.

The victim was hospitalized at NYU Langone Hospital with serious injuries, police said. She is currently in stable condition. 

The Twitter page of NYPD Hate Crimes tweeted out a couple of photos of the suspect asking for public help in identifying the man. "Help identify the below individual wanted in connection to an assault. On Monday, March 29th at 11:40 AM, at 360 West 43rd St, a female, 65, was approached by an unidentified male who punched and kicked her about the body and made anti-Asian statements. Info? 1-800-577-TIPS," the caption said.


The Asian Hate Crimes Task Force tweeted the video, saying in part, “The cold-hearted building security guard not only failed to render aid, he closed the door on the victim.” Ahyoung Kim from the Asian American Federation said, “It’s really terrible how every single day there seems to be another incident.” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said in a tweet on Monday night, “This is absolutely vile. These attacks against Asian-American New Yorkers must end. Hate has no place here and we must always call it out when we see it. My office is reaching out to the precinct and will do anything we can to be of assistance.” 

People who came across the disturbing video were as outraged at the security guards' lack of action as they were at the perpetrator. "This violence is profoundly disturbing. This is cannot continue and what in the hell was that doorman or guard doing just standing by and watching! Oh my god what is happening to this country," one of them said, while another wrote, "I saw 3 grown men watch that tiny woman get kicked in the head and did less than nothing." 


"Can someone get this video to our new Attorney General ASAP please!? Why can't these evil people keep their hands to themselves? She clearly wasn't bothering anyone!!!" a third noted. The next remarked, "Omg - this is so vile! And those coward security guards watched them closed the door!" One more commented, "Poor woman suffers a heinous attack and not one but TWO security guards watch it happen, do nothing to help her, and go so far as to shut the door. I can’t even. What the hell is wrong with people?"

Another noted, "I’m sure the security guard’s parents must be proud of their dreadful son who not only did not help this woman but he actually shut the building door on her. Shameful and disgraceful." A commentator tweeted, "I dont know what im more infuriated about, the attacker or the guy inside of the building just standing there and watching." One more said, "And the mens first response was 'lets close the door'..." Another noted, "OMG. I hope they press charges against the security guards as well. That is unbelievable."

A person reacted with, "That door man just saw someone get assaulted and instead of helping her, he closed the door to the building. That is COLD!!!" One more quipped, "I'm having a really hard time knowing that not 1, but 2 men, witnessed this & did NOTHING except close the door to her. They are just as guilty as the attacker."












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