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Marine vet Lucas Kunce lauded for saying 'DC military leaders lied' about Afghanistan

Lucas Kunce has exposed alleged 'lies' not just about Afghanistan, but also about the crisis in Iraq
Lucas Kunce from his days as a Marine vet (Twitter: @LucasKunceMO)
Lucas Kunce from his days as a Marine vet (Twitter: @LucasKunceMO)

A Marine veteran has gone viral after 'exposing' what he believes are lies the US military leaders have allegedly been telling Americans along with the rest of the world. Identified as Lucas Kunce, the Cole County native wrote an elaborate essay for the Kansas City Star in the wake of the highly criticized response the US government has shown ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Kunce, who describes himself as a "13-Year Marine Veteran, Afghanistan/Iraq Vet, Arms Control Negotiator, National Security Expert" and antitrust advocate, is also a Democratic candidate for US Senate. Kunce claims that the current situation in Afghanistan with the US desperately trying to evacuate civilians and troops within the August 31 deadline shouldn't come as a shock. Kunce claims 'DC military leaders' have lied to the general people for 20 years, and instead of leaving in 2021, they should have left back in 2003 itself. And Twitter agrees with his accusations against the 'elitists' who have lied and led to such a humanitarian crisis.


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"What we are seeing in Afghanistan right now shouldn’t shock you. It only seems that way because our institutions are steeped in systematic dishonesty," Kunce opens in his essay, continuing: "It doesn’t require a dissertation to explain what you’re seeing. Just two sentences. One: For 20 years, politicians, elites and DC military leaders lied to us about Afghanistan. Two: What happened last week was inevitable, and anyone saying differently is still lying to you."

Kunce then explains the reasoning behind the expose of elitists whom he accuses of lying to the general populace, saying: "I know because I was there. Twice. On special operations task forces. I learned Pashto as a US Marine captain and spoke to everyone I could there: everyday people, elites, allies and yes, even the Taliban. The truth is that the Afghan National Security Forces was a jobs program for Afghans, propped up by U.S. taxpayer dollars — a military jobs program populated by nonmilitary people or “paper” forces (that didn’t really exist) and a bevy of elites grabbing what they could when they could."

Kunce then highlights: "You probably didn’t know that. That’s the point. And it wasn’t just in Afghanistan. They also lied about Iraq. I led a team of Marines training Iraqi security forces to defend their country. When I arrived I received a “stoplight” chart on their supposed capabilities in dozens of missions and responsibilities. Green meant they were good. Yellow was needed improvement; red said they couldn’t do it at all. I was delighted to see how far along they were on paper — until I actually began working with them. I attempted to adjust the charts to reflect reality and was quickly shut down. The ratings could not go down. That was the deal. It was the kind of lie that kept the war going."

Lucas Kunce is exposing alleged lies the DC military leaders have been telling people about Afghanistan (Twitter: @LucasKunceMO)

Speaking about the current scenario, Kunce continues: "So when people ask me if we made the right call getting out of Afghanistan in 2021, I answer truthfully: Absolutely not. The right call was getting out in 2002. 2003. Every year we didn’t get out was another year the Taliban used to refine their skills and tactics against us — the best fighting force in the world. After two decades, $2 trillion and nearly 2,500 American lives lost, 2021 was way too late to make the right call. You’d think when it all came crumbling down around them, they’d accept the truth. Think again. War-hungry hawks are suggesting our soldiers weren’t in harm’s way. Well, when I was there, two incredible Marines in my unit were killed."

He then concludes with a statement that seems to have resonated the most with people on social media. "Elitist hacks are even blaming the American people for what happened last week. The same American people that they spent years lying to about Afghanistan. Are you kidding me? We deserve better. Instead of politicians spending $6.4 trillion to “nation build” in the Middle East, we should start nation building right here at home. I can’t believe that would be a controversial proposal, but already in Washington, we see some of the same architects of these Middle Eastern disasters balking at the idea of investing a fraction of that amount to build up our own country."

Lamenting about the alleged incessant lying, Kunce adds: "The lies about Afghanistan matter not just because of the money spent or the lives lost, but because they are representative of a systematic dishonesty that is destroying our country from the inside out." He also accuses the government of lying about the economy being back. "Our state of Missouri was home to the worst economic recovery from the Great Recession in this part of the country. I see the boarded-up stores and the vacant lots — one of which used to be my family’s home. When our country’s elites were preaching about how they had solved the financial crisis and the housing market was booming, I watched the house I joined the Marine Corps out of sit on the market for two years. My dad finally got $43,000 for it. He owed $78,000."

Kunce is also running for the Senate from Missouri as a Democratic candidate (Twitter: @LucasKunceMO)

Reiterating his moot point once again, Kunce states: "The only way out is to level with the American people. I’ll start. With the two-sentence truth about what we are seeing in Afghanistan right now: For 20 years, politicians, elites and DC military leaders lied to us about Afghanistan. What happened last week was inevitable, and anyone saying differently is still lying to you."

Words of gratitude towards Kunce for both his service and his honesty have since poured into social media. "Thanks for your honesty and for doing something about it. The American people deserve better, indeed. Let's nation build at home," wrote one user under Kunce's tweet about his Kansas City Star piece. Another replied: "Thank you so much for writing this. The voices of vets who experienced Afghanistan first hand carry a lot of weight, as they should. I hope going forward more vets will speak up."

Others suggested Kunce needs more visibility, with one user tweeting: "Joe Rogan needs an emergency podcast with Lucas Kunce." Another wrote: "I wish the American news media would hear you. And heed your wise words." People also voiced support for Kunce's Senate campaign, with users urging others to donate and tweeting: "I’ll send Lucas Kunce money for his campaign."