Ted Cruz trolled for calling US military 'emasculated' days before Memorial Day: 'You rolled over for Trump'

'Ted Cruz is worried about someone else being emasculated,' said a user

                            Ted Cruz trolled for calling US military 'emasculated' days before Memorial Day: 'You rolled over for Trump'
Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

When Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested that the Russian army was better prepared than America's "woke emasculated military," he enraged many social media users.

The smug Texas senator made the remarks while retweeting a video of an apparent Russian recruiting ad of male soldiers training and working out and contrasting it with a US recruiting video of a female soldier who attributed her desire to serve her country to her "two mothers". In the tweet, he wrote, "Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea...."



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Many Twitter users, however, believed Cruz was the wrong person to be talking about emasculation, given his support for former President Donald Trump, even after Trump mocked Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, and falsely claimed the senator's father was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy.

'You emasculated yourself to please Trump'

“Yes. I’d like you to support Trump….. yes he did call my wife ugly, …. And said my dad killed JFK…. Well, honestly, I have no shame, integrity or morals…. His b***s? Well, ummm they taste a little like baloney cooked in a tanning bed…. Does that prove I’m really @TedCruz?” said a Twitter user, "Lots of people rightly dunking on this awful take. Just want to point out that a sitting senator is crapping on an active duty service member. And doing it by saying she makes us weaker than Russia—which is demonstrably untrue," a second said.

"Ted, you called Trump a 'pathological liar, ' 'utterly amoral' & 'a sniveling coward' before you emasculated yourself to please him," a third chipped in.




'Like Colonel Sanders worried someone is eating too much chicken'

"Ted Cruz is worried about someone else being emasculated. That's like Colonel Sanders worried that someone is eating too much chicken," a tweet said. "Last I checked Republican lawmakers who came within minutes of death or harm from a pack of crazed Trump insurrectionists, and now are afraid to stand up to the guy who provoked it even though he is no longer in office, might be a better description of being emasculated," a second added. "US Senator prefers Russian military over our," a third said. Another tweeted, "Also, I'm not sure you want to be calling the military "emasculated" after you rolled over for the man who mocked you as Lyin' Ted, called your wife ugly, and said your father killed JFK."






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