Who is Margaret Qualley? Shia LaBeouf packs on PDA with new girlfriend days after FKA Twigs's sexual battery suit

Picking her up from LAX, LaBeouf and Qualley indulged in some steamy PDA, just a little over a week after the sexual battery accusations from his ex FKA Twigs

                            Who is Margaret Qualley? Shia LaBeouf packs on PDA with new girlfriend days after FKA Twigs's sexual battery suit
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Just days after British musician FKA Twigs filed a sexual battery lawsuit against her ex, Shai LaBeouf, the 'Transformer' actor was seen packing on the PDA with his new girl. This comes after musician SIA also came out in support of FKA Twigs, announcing how she was lured by the actor into an adulterous relationship. For LaBeouf however, there's a new woman in his life and although the mystery surrounding her didn't last long, the PDA between the two has now made headlines. Wondering who the actor is dating? It's none other than Margaret Qualley.

The couple were out and about in Los Angeles, spotted at the LAX airport where LaBeouf was reportedly picking up his actor girlfriend when they hit it off with the mushy display of affection. Photos showed the two of them walking to LaBeouf's pickup truck where the visible make out session ensued as Qualley could be seen with her legs wrapped around beau LaBeouf's waist in some of the photos. When the romance got steamier, the couple took things inside the vehicle but soon stopped to kiss again.

This whole lot of PDA comes a short couple of months after LaBeouf and Qualley stripped to their birthday suits to play passionate lovers in a choreographed short film titled 'Love Me Like You Hate Me'. The film was to accompany a song written by Qualley's sister Rainey and was introduced by the latter on social media platforms in October. There was a selection of screenshots from the 10-minute video accompanying the post, where 26-year-old Qualley was seen involved in an intense,sexual sequence with her 34-year-old beau.

Rainey Qualley, honoree Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley attend the National Women's History Museum's 8th Annual Women Making History Awards at Skirball Cultural Center on March 8, 2020, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

If you're wondering where you've seen Qualley before or just why her face looks so familiar, it might be because of two things that have made her very popular. Not only was Qualley the fresh-faced Mansion cult member in Quentin Tarantino's star-studded 'One Upon a Time in Hollywood' that flirted and frolicked with Brad Pitt's much older character, but she's also a star kid. Qualley was born to actor mom Andie McDowell and is one of the three children she shared with her ex-husband Paul Qualley, from their 13-year-long marriage.

Qualley is the youngest of three siblings, with her older sister being 30-year-old actor-singer Rainey, and their eldest being 34-year-old brother called Justin. Throughout this quarantine, Qualley has reportedly indulged in some quality family time with her mother and sister, even though back in March, the 'Death Note' actress was seen quarantining with Cara Delevigne and the model's then-girlfriend, Ashley Benson. They were also joined by their mutual friends, Kaia Gerber and Tommy Dorfman. 

Qualley and LaBeouf's steamy PDA follows his ex, FKA Twigs' sexual battery accusations that are a little over a week old now. In her lawsuit, the 32-year-old singer accused LaBeouf of knowingly giving her an STD, alongside accusations of assault and infliction of emotional distress. FKA Twigs was rendered Twitter-support by Sia, who posted: "I too have been hurt emotionally by Shia, a pathological liar, who conned me into an adulterous relationship claiming to be single. I believe he's very sick and have compassion for him AND his victims. Just know, if you love yourself- stay safe, stay away," following it up with another tweet saying: "Also I love you ⁦@FKAtwigs This is very courageous and I'm very proud of you."

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