Mallory Giles: Ohio home carer, 34, tries to POISON man, 93, to steal $50K using his credit cards

Mallory Giles: Ohio home carer, 34, tries to POISON man, 93, to steal $50K using his credit cards
Mallory Giles of Huron, Ohio, has been charged with attempted murder and theft (Erie County Sheriff's Office)

SANDUSKY, OHIO: A home health care aide in Ohio has been arrested after she allegedly stole $50,000 from a 93-year-old man she was looking after and tried to poison him. Mallory Giles, 34, of Huron, Ohio, has been charged with attempted murder and theft. Police bodycam showed Giles telling arresting officers, "I don't know why I did it." She is being held in the Erie County Jail on a bond of $560,000 at present. 

The daughter of the patient contacted police in April after noticing strange transactions on his credit card. The elderly patient had given his card to the suspect so she could purchase his essentials, the Daily Mail reported. Police on the body camera footage can be heard telling Giles, "You basically outfitted your entire house with all of these credit cards."


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“He had his credit cards that he was allowing the home health aide to use to make certain purchases that he needed for his needs, to make sure that things were met for him. However, at some point, she began taking advantage of that and started making purchases for herself,” Lt. Scott Dahlgren told FOX 8. Of the unauthorized purchases, Dahlgren said, "We believe there were shoes that were included in that, clothing, furniture for her residence, wall décor, outside lawn care items.”

The elderly man, who has not been named, also had to be taken to the hospital after he suffered from a drug overdose. He was revived with Narcan. Doctors found that he had been given powerful narcotics that were not precribed as part of his daily treatment. Sandusky police said that investigation revealed Giles had been mixing opioids with medication that had been prescribed by the victim’s doctor.

“She was trying to keep him medicated to a point where he wasn’t looking at bank statements and credit card statements and things like that, where she could just handle those kinds of things without him noticing,” said Lt. Dahlgren. He added, “It’s sad. It’s very upsetting that somebody would take advantage of someone who’s just so vulnerable, you know. Unfortunately, our elderly are vulnerable in society and people continue to prey on them. We’re just glad that a family member noticed it when they did, instead of it actually going any further."

In a similar incident this month, shocking videos captured the horrifying treatment of a 93-year-old dementia patient at the hands of at-home health aides. Six months before he died of sepsis in March 2021, the health aides tied Henry Zahn to the bed with a catheter and ignored him as he writhed in pain. The man sustained injuries, including broken ribs and grazes to his knees and back, before his death.

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