Health aides BRUTALLY tied elderly dementia patient to bed with CATHETER before his death

Health aides BRUTALLY tied elderly dementia patient to bed with CATHETER before his death
The at-home health aides tied Henry Zahn to the bed with a catheter as he writhed in pain (Daily Mail footage screenshots)

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains graphic information that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

HOLMES, NEW YORK: Shocking videos have captured the horrifying treatment of a 93-year-old dementia patient at the hands of at-home health aides. Six months before he died of sepsis in March 2021, the health aides tied Henry Zahn to the bed with a catheter and ignored him as he writhed in pain. The man sustained injuries, including broken ribs and grazes to his knees and back, before his death.

The footage exclusively obtained by the Daily Mail shows the elderly man struggling to walk while tethered to his bed with a catheter in February 2021. The two health aides meant to look after him lay in a reclining chair, watching television. The catheter was eventually pulled out of him as he fell over. He was pulled up and shoved to his bed in a lying position. A month later, he died at his son Thomas' home in Holmes, New York


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In another footage, Henry is seen struggling to walk around as the female aide speaks to him. A male aide can be seen lying on the couch watching television. The family later said that he was not even due to be working at that time. The female aide, sitting on a chair, calls Henry, hands him a bag of chips, and gestures him to walk back to bed. Henry falls on his way and lands on the floor, with the male aide not bothering to get up for several seconds. The man then yanked Henry up and put him in a chair.

Henry died soon after, and his family is now suing Genesa Home and Companionship Agency and Fidelis Insurance. Fidelis was Henry's son Thomas' insurance company and Genesa Home and Agency sent the carers through the company. Thomas alleged that they informed him nothing about his father's condition and did not do anything to help Henry. He recalled one incident where he heard Henry "screaming" in pain, and rushed down to find the carer doing nothing about it. The Zahn family has blamed Genesa for Henry's death. They have alleged that he died of sepsis caused by an infection after the catheter in his leg was ripped out on several occasions. He has accused the aides of wrapping the catheter around his bed to stop him from walking around.

The family accused the aides of never informing them about his injuries. "This is a travesty and it can happen to anybody's parent or family members. It can happen to any of us," the Daily Mail quoted someone from the Zahn family's side as saying. "The reason it's particularly relevant now is that more people are choosing at-home care because of Covid. This is a current concern," they informed. The person added, "They dropped him at least 3 times, had four broken ribs, the catheter was ripped out of him. He died of sepsis. The quality of his last few months of life. Can you imagine? Just being alone down there and nobody helping? He was tethered to his bed like an animal. I wouldn't even do that to an animal."

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