Michigan 2-year-old dies at babysitter’s home after she crashes car and doesn’t call 911, parents seek arrest

Michigan 2-year-old dies at babysitter’s home after she crashes car and doesn’t call 911, parents seek arrest

ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN: Parents of a two-year-old child who died after his babysitter crashed her car are now demanding her arrest. The 33-year-old babysitter whose name has not been revealed allegedly took Jessica Johnson and Gerald Redmond's three kids for a drive and crashed her vehicle. But instead of calling 911 for help, she reportedly took the children to her house and put them to bed depriving them of medical help.

According to reports, toddler Jeremiah was found unresponsive at the Roseville house of his caretaker on Sunday morning, August 16. The alleged incident happened after Johnson dropped off her three children, Jeremiah and his twin brother Josiah, and their seven-year-old sister Jayla, at the babysitter's house on Saturday, August 15. The same evening, the carer of the kids reportedly loaded them into a car and went for a drive before crashing the vehicle into a tree. Her car also reportedly had not enough seat belts for everyone.

But instead of calling 911 for help, the woman covered up the accident by taking children to her home and took the help of a tow truck to transfer her damaged vehicle back to her house. “My daughter said there wasn't enough seat belts, so somebody was out of a seatbelt back there, and she hit a tree. Instead of her calling 911, she called a tow truck,” Redmond told Fox 2 Detroit. 

The toddlers’ sister Jayla said that Jeremiah was crying after the crash while she was covered in blood. “She got jarred around pretty bad. She said the babysitter pulled a bag of frozen potatoes out and had her put that on her face and go to sleep,” Redmond said.

However, the next morning, Jeremiah did not wake up. "He should still be alive - he had a chance. He was still alive after the accident took place,” Johnson said. While Roseville police said they were called to the babysitter’s place on Sunday morning reporting an unresponsive child. It has also been said that investigators were working with another jurisdiction to find where the accident happened and awaiting autopsy results to know how exactly Jeremiah died.

But the child’s parents want the caretaker to be charged immediately with leaving the scene of an accident and child endangerment. "911 should have been called, the tow truck driver when he arrived there, he shouldn't have moved that vehicle. Then my son has to die because someone that night was hiding something,” Redmond said.

Meanwhile, the grieving mother has also launched a GoFundMe page as she needs “help raising money for unexpected funeral and medical expenses”. “I need justice served for my son Jeremiah Redmond. He was with his babysitter at the time he was pronounced dead. And also was involved in a car accident with his siblings Sunday morning on August 16, 2020. We are still waiting for cause of death because he was still alive after the accident. My family and I need help raising money for unexpected funeral and medical expenses. Counseling is needed for his parents and siblings as well,” the message on the page read.


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