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'MAFS' fans say Gil 'dodged one mean bullet' with Myrla as he leaves reunion episode

Gil stated that he wanted a monogamous marriage and the cast's nonchalant attitude left him feeling angry
UPDATED NOV 25, 2021
Gil and Myrla on 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)
Gil and Myrla on 'Married at First Sight' (Lifetime)

Season 13 of 'Married at First Sight' certainly came with its unexpected twists and turns. Now, with the season coming to an end, it seems like most of the couples have decided to go their separate ways. This includes Jose and Rachel, who briefly separated but are now together and of course, Myrla and Gil, who have ended their marriage.

Myrla and Gil's decision to part ways truly came as a shock. Although they seemed doomed to fail right from the start due to their difference in financial statuses and lifestyles, they were one of the most stable couples on the show through patience and communication. When it boiled down to if they wanted to be together, the couple decided that they did and hoped to start a life with each other.


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However, as the reunion rolled in, it looked like there was trouble in paradise. While Gil claimed that he still had feelings for her and loved her, Myrla admitted that she soon realized Gil deserved better, and she was not happy. At this point, Gil had already sold most of his things, and they two were already living together. The news that Myrla wanted to split came as a shock to Gil, but he supported her choice anyway and brushed his feelings aside.

While it was hard to watch Gil sit through the reunion, it only seems to have gotten worse, seeing that Myrla opened up about getting close to two castmates, Rachel and Johnny. She travelled with the two of them, including going to Cancun with Johnny. As the duo explained, Johnny happened to be there for a wedding, and Myrla was there with a friend. The two ended up meeting and spending time together. A normally reserved Myrla seemed very comfortable around Johnny. Gil was uncomfortable throughout the conversation. It only got worse when Kevin asked him about what he thought of their 'friendship'.

Gil said he thought nothing of it and said he had no comments. When it came down to who would the cast rather be matched with, Gil decided to walk off the show and was chased backstage by Michaela. He explained to her that he came looking for a real monogamous marriage, and this nonchalant attitude pissed him off and ruined his energy. Both he and Michaela agreed they had enough and decided to walk off the show.

Fans' hearts went out to Gil. "Aw—Gil is heartbroken I hate to see it. Somebody tell that man EYE said what he's left behind is nothing. He can come get with a real one when he's ready #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" tweeted a fan. "Gil is over Myrla & Johnny kiki-ing!! He's so done!! #Mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight" tweeted a fan. "Gil should have chose violence at that reunion. I'd be so mad at Myrla for having me on tv emotional in front of everyone #MAFS" stated another. "I feel bad for Gil. Myrla's behavior is an affront to their experience and disrespectful. No one deserves to be treated like this. And the fact that as he's crying on national television because of her, she offers no consolation was telling. #mafs ##MarriedAtFirstSight" added a fan. "Gil listen I understand you are hurt but baby you dodged one mean bullet hear? Go visit your mom get your strength back and keep it moving! #MAFS" noted another. 






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