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'MAFS' fans compare Johnny to Chris Williams, claim Bao is being 'emotionally abused'

While Season 12 was riddled with Chris Williams and Paige Banks' drama, Season 13 seems like the neverending Bao and Johnny saga
UPDATED OCT 14, 2021
Bao and Johnny (Instagram/mafslifetime) and Chris Williams (Lifetime)
Bao and Johnny (Instagram/mafslifetime) and Chris Williams (Lifetime)

With less than three weeks until decision day, the pressure is genuinely piling on for the couples of 'Married at First Sight' to work on their marriage if they intend to walk away together at the end of the show. While some of them are putting in the work, others seem to be struggling -- yes, we're talking about Johnny and Bao. 

While the two of them started strong, Johnny seems to have an increasing number of issues with his wife. From criticizing her behavior to her laugh to her not making any effort (even though she does), Johnny is a far cry from his version during their honeymoon. He explains that trust, communication and foundation are essential for him, but he got angry at Bao when she disagreed. With Johnny meeting with Dr Pepper Schwartz and Bao meeting with Pastor Cal Roberson, they hoped to find a solution. 


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However, rightfully so, Bao's patience is wearing thin. She explained to Pastor Cal that she believes she married a man not ready for marriage and only has a husband on paper. Furthermore, he often fights with the intent of being malicious and is 80% out the door at this point. While Pastor Cal did give her some advice, fans believe that Johnny is the issue here and Bao has tried plenty to make things work.

"Johnny really doesn't take accountability for anything he does Ain't no way in hell this woman is responsible for your anxiety attacks and tantrums. There are cameras in y'all apartment. Production would have been aired it #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs #mafsHouston" tweeted a fan. "How can you even build a friendship when you criticize literally everything she does? Down to her laugh you don't like it #mafs" added another. "I give Bao a lot of credit for hanging in there after he's told her multiple times how he's not attracted to her and downplays every one of her efforts in this marriage. Couldn't have been me. #mafs #marriedatfirstsightHouston" pointed another. "Bao is being emotionally abused by Johnny. #MAFS" stated a fan.





Between Season 12 and Season 13, fans can't help but notice the startling similarities between Johnny and Chris Williams, seeing that no matter what Bao does, there is no winning. Even when the two sat down after their counseling session, Bao demanded that she be spoken to with respect, seeing that she has let many things slide. She asked him if he was truly ready to be in a marriage, to which Johnny said he was but implied he wasn't prepared for one with her. According to him, he had known her for 15 years and wasn't attracted to her. Fans were also upset that the experts urged Bao to try harder as they did with Paige. 

"I need Bao to leave Johnny by this episode. Johnny is tearing her down just like Chris did with Paige. I want better for her. Let her OUT. #MAFS #mafsHouston" tweeted a fan. "This is why they are going to keep casting d--ks on this show. Just like last season was the Chris & Paige show, this season has turned into the Johnny & Bao show. They think it's what the viewers want (are they wrong if we are still watching? ) #mafs" stated a fan. "What will it take for the experts to end an obviously abusive relationship? Between Chris W and Johnny, this feels unethical. #MAFS #Marriedatfirstsight" agued another. 




What do you think? Is Johnny behaving like Chris Williams? Should Bao leave this marriage? Sound off below and tell us what you think.