Who is Dr Pepper Schwartz? Here's a look at the life of Married At First Sight's sex and intimacy advisor

From commitment to sex and everything in between, Dr Pepper Schwartz is here to solve every love-related queries

                            Who is Dr Pepper Schwartz? Here's a look at the life of Married At First Sight's sex and intimacy advisor
Dr Pepper Schwartz (pepperschwartz.com)

Finding love is a task for everyone. While there are a few who find their life partners early on, the rest of us are left telling ourselves that there is plenty of fish in the seas. It's obviously circumstantial to find your other half, but some people decide to look at it differently and let experts find the partner for them. And no, we aren't talking about dating websites or apps. We're talking about consulting the experts of 'Married At First Sight'.

The show's pretext is in the name — you marry the person the shows' panel picks for you based on your requirements and preferences. It's all about trusting the process and waiting till the day of the wedding to meet your future partner. While this sounds both exciting and terrifying, the question most often asked here is — who are these judges and what makes them qualified to pick the love of your life?


Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr Pepper Schwartz and Dr Viviana Coles are the people in charge. Dr Peper Schwartz is responsible for all things related to sex and intimacy — the cornerstone of any relationship. Wonder what makes her so qualified for the job? Let's find out!

About Dr Schwartz

Dr Schwartz has certainly made quite a name for herself in this field as she's regarded as both a researcher and a consultant. She graduated with a BA and MA at Washington University, St Louis, Schwartz. She did her PhD in Sociology at Yale University in 1974.


She has written numerous academic papers over the years, along with 25 books that deal with topics such as love and sexuality. Two of her books 'American Couples' and 'The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples' went on to becoming New York Times Best Sellers. Other works such as 'Prime', 'Ten Talks Parents Must Have with Children About Sex and Character', 'Peer Marriage', and 'The Great Sex Weekend' have been featured on Oprah.

Her 2007 book, 'Prime', mentions how Schwartz found herself single after 23 years of marriage, with two children — Cooper and Ryder — both of who are in college now. Since then, Schwartz has remarried; she now lives with her husband Fred Kaseburg, outside of Seattle.

From associations to reality TV: An illustrious career


Dr Schwartz has gone on to head many associations over the course of her career. She was the former president of SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexualities), and the past-president of the Pacific Sociological Association. Her career trajectory is quite interesting, seeing that she also writes a column for AARP.org, teaches at the University of Washington in Seattle, and is an intimacy expert on 'Married At First Sight'.

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