Chris Williams claims he came on 'Married At First Sight' because producers 'approached' him

Season 12 of 'Married at First Sight' might be long over, but when it comes to Chris Williams, the drama doesn't end

                            Chris Williams claims he came on 'Married At First Sight' because producers 'approached' him
Chris Williams starred on 'Married at First Sight' Season 12 (Instagram/chriswilliamsii)

With Season 13 of 'Married at First Sight' finally here, the race is on to see which couples stay together long enough to find their very own happily ever after.

With Bao and Johnny being the first ones to tie the knot, the couple has already managed to win over fans. Season 13 has started on a relatively good note, but that hasn't stopped Season 12 drama from continuing. Between Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs and Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus' recent divorce, Season 12's Chris Williams has had a lot to say about the show recently.


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It's hard not to forget Williams, seeing that he had such a chaotic run on the series. Between his hot and cold behavior with his wife Paige Banks and drama with his ex-girlfriend Mercedes Myrick who was pregnant at the time, fans wanted nothing more than for him to be kicked off the show. It didn't help that Banks repeatedly gave him second chances until she finally called it off before decision day.

Ever since his run, Williams has been known to take to social media to bash the show, maintaining that it painted him in a terrible light. Williams recently took to Instagram once again, but this time, it was to defend fellow castmate, Jacob Harder. During the 'MAFS' Matchmaking Special prior to Season 13, Haley Harris and Paige Banks both spoke about their failed marriages on the show. Harris, who had a hard time communicating with Harder, spoke about how they never got intimate after the wedding, on account that she didn't want to.

She maintained that the first night they slept together was when she realized she wasn't into him, which was at the very start of the season, as they slept together on their wedding night. Harder repeatedly asked her if she wasn't attracted to him, but Harris always seemed to deflect the question and maintained that it was because they had a communication issue. It was overwhelming for her to accept someone a stranger as her husband after such a short period. Seeing that the Matchmaking Special proved otherwise, Williams took to Instagram to defend Harder, asking Harris to move on with her life and called her out for being dishonest.

Chris Williams addressing statements made my Haley Harris (Instagram/chriswilliamsii)

Looks like Williams wasn't done dropping truth bombs just yet, seeing that he live-streamed a counselling session with relationship expert Love McPherson, as reported by Monsters and Critics. During this live stream, Williams stated that he didn't apply for the show, but was approached by producers. He was under the impression that this was because he was the youngest Subway owner in Atlanta, but when he realized it was a marriage-based reality show, he decided to "take a chance".



He also claimed that the producers lied to him, as he was allegedly told that he would be matched with a "9 or 10" woman. Love pointed out that Williams' comments about Banks' looks on the show were rather racially insensitive, to which he claimed that he has dates women "as dark as Paige." He also added that Banks was not attracted to him either because she preferred "more muscular" men. However, he was the one who came out looking bad, seeing that production left out a lot of details.

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