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Maeve Press wraps up short film 'Too Many Buddhas' shoot, says it's about 'search of oneself'

Maeve Press is known for her role in Freeform's 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay'
UPDATED MAY 27, 2021
Maeve Press from 'Too Many Buddhas' (PR Handout/ Luke Fontana)
Maeve Press from 'Too Many Buddhas' (PR Handout/ Luke Fontana)

It's been a day since comedian Maeve Press wrapped up 'Too Many Buddhas' in Los Angeles and she already cannot stop talking about the intense learning experiences she has had during the shoot. The New York-based actress-writer, known for her portrayal of Genevieve in 'Everything's Gonna Be OK', plays an aspiring flutist who seeks help from a therapist after her music teacher dies. 

On the surface, it seems like a linear role to play but she describes it as something that taught her all about life and the many layers it comes with. "For me, Too Many Buddhas is about the search for understanding, of oneself and of others and the need to feel understood. It is about human beings grasping for connection, perhaps missing the mark, but not the humanity," Press said in a media interaction.


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“It may seem simple and small, but the universal need for connection and understanding and the complexities of parent/child relationships are definitely not small, they are the foundations of our lives as we try to find happiness, purpose and ways to do good as we grow," she continued.

Maeve Press (Freeform)

Meanwhile, IMDb summarizes the film as one that "takes place in a therapist’s office where Nora (Press) has just come for a session with Dr. Stevens (Maria Bamford) after performing a devastatingly bad flute solo at her school winter concert, only to learn that her flute teacher has died. While Nora tries to cope with this humbling experience, we learn that there is more to this session than meets the eye."


Apart from the Freeform series 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay', Press has performed at the Boston's Women in Comedy Festival, starred in the Orlando Film Festival and Amsterdam Film Festival Award-winning indie film 'Theresa Is a Mother' and the Webby Award-winning 'Why Can't Girls Code'. She has also been part of the Broadway. Press made her debut at the Public Theatre when she played a role in 'Before Your Very Eyes'. Press has performed in comedy clubs, and bars. 

'Too Many Buddhas' is created by May Sky Picture Entertainment and Maevie Cakes Production. The short film is directed and co-written by C Fraser Press, Press and Maria Bamford (Lady Dynamite).