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'Definitely not aging gracefully': Fans cringe over Madonna's new video as singer licks water from dog bowl

Madonna's new Instagram video shows the singer posing sexually with various objects
UPDATED NOV 11, 2022
Madonna, 64, makes headline for her new Instagram video (Madonna/Instagram)
Madonna, 64, makes headline for her new Instagram video (Madonna/Instagram)

The 1980s pop singer has been lately making headlines for her social media presence more than her latest music. Fans are disturbingly cringing after Madonna shared an Instagram video where she licked water out of a dog bowl followed by a series of other stunts where she reportedly posed sexually with various objects.

On the Instagram reel shared on Wednesday, November 9, featured along with several other pictures, the 'Vogue' singer posed in a neon green sweater paired with sparkly booty shorts, tights, and thigh-high boots with black and white shades. Though few of her fans claimed the singer looked amazing as she posed alongside a motorcycle and a food pantry but many claimed they were terrified by the end of the video, reported Page Six.


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The 64-year-old could be seen posing sexually with a sriracha and mustard bottle and what truly left social media baffled was when she started licking water out of a dog bowl. This is not the first reportedly thirst trap video the star has pulled on social media but many have claimed this one was definitely the most bizarre they have witnessed! Many have slammed the star calling it a "publicity stunt," while others have simply said, "she's desperate for attention." Nearly a week ago the star risked it all as Madonna posed topless in a series of pictures and covered her bare breasts with candy and money emojis and cheekily captioned it, ‘Went from candy to money.'

Madonna sets the internet on fire with her pictures. (@madonna/Instagram)
Madonna sets the internet on fire with her pictures (@madonna/Instagram)

'For Crying Out Loud!!'

One Twitter user wrote, "Shame she feels like she must stoop so low..Iconic, relatively relevant, excellent discography, worth millions, posting images like about being thirsty.." Another added, "Definitely not aging gracefully So sad." "For crying out loud!! Just go be old and enjoy your money and cool stuff. Us regular people dont want or need this type of entertainment," read another tweet. One user mockingly wrote, "If Madonna wanted to shock me she'd put on an understated sundress and bake a nice pie for her accountant husband." A user wrote, "Anything for attention. *yawn*" One Madonna fan simply stated, "U know she just joking to get attention right - ps she’s my crush." "Desperate to be relevant well it isn't working," read a tweet.  








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