Who is Madison McDonald? Texas mom, 30, admits smothering girls aged 1 and 6 because they were 'being abused'

One report says police said she had first sedated her children, smothered them and then tucked them into their beds

                            Who is Madison McDonald? Texas mom, 30, admits smothering girls aged 1 and 6 because they were 'being abused'
Madison McDonald called 911 to admit killing her two daughters (Irving Police Department)

IRVING, TEXAS: Madison McDonald is set to face capital murder charges after she was arrested on Monday, April 5, morning after allegedly killing her two young daughters - Lillian Mae McDonald 1, and Archer Hammond, 6. The mother reported her crime to the police during her 911 call to emergency officials.

As per a media release by the Irving Police Department, McDonald, the mother-of-two had come into the IPD located at 305 N. O'Connor Rd on Monday, April 5, 2021, and approximately 10 pm. She had used the phone in the department's lobby to call 911 and had told the dispatcher who had answered that she had killed her daughters.

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Who is Madison McDonald?

There is a video of McDonald, 30, in the Police HQ for 10 minutes where she is seen with a mask and pacing around "calmy" before she made the 911 call. She was seen in shorts, a sweatshirt, and face mask, walking around the empty lobby for several minutes apparently looking for a phone or a police officer. Nearly 20 minutes after she arrived, three officers can be seen entering the lobby to talk with McDonald. After police officials were dispatched both to the lobby McDonald was in and her home located on the 700th block of Cowboys Parkway, they were able to confirm the deaths of both of McDonald's daughters.

She has been charged on two counts of Capital Murder of a Person under the age of 10. The release that had the picture of McDonald also revealed that the investigation in the case is at its "early stages" and IBD is welcome to tips from those who may know more about the case.




Public information officer for the IPD Robert Reeves said that the mother believes she killed her daughters by "smothering them." He further added that the alleged killer was "calm" when she was approached by officers. "This is a horrific incident where two children were murdered. We might not ever know the why because there's not going to be a definition or reason that would ever justify the murder of two small children," he said. Reports indicate that a medical examiner is trying to figure out the cause of death of the two young girls. Furthermore, NBC 5 reported that police said she had first sedated her children, smothered them and then tucked them into their beds. The publication also further reported that a probable cause affidavit obtained by them on April 6 "indicated" that the mother of two had said her children were "being abused" and "that she would do anything to protect her children including 'eliminating them.'"

FOX further reported that as of now officials don't know how long McDonald's daughters had been dead but also revealed that police have had "some dealings" with the family before this incident. Reeves didn't spill any details due to privacy reasons but did add that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in crimes that happen at home. "All I can keep encouraging people is if you know someone that’s going through a situation don’t choose to not get involved. Choose to be that advocate for that victim. Contact your local police department and let them at least come out and assess the situation and figure out if someone’s in danger," he said.

McDonald is being held in Irving City Jail without bail. As of now, there have been no reports as to if she has entered a plea or has an attorney to represent her. She will be transferred to Dallas County Jail, soon as per reports. If convicted of capital murder charges in Texas, defendants face either life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

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