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'Love Never Lies': Is Kevin gay? Here's why Katherine left him for her ex Elias

Katherine and Kevin already had their fair share of problems before arriving on the show and now, it seems to have gotten worse
UPDATED NOV 11, 2021
Kevin and Katherine on 'Love Never Lies' (Netflix)
Kevin and Katherine on 'Love Never Lies' (Netflix)

Staying faithful to your partner is undoubtedly a cornerstone of every healthy relationship. However, infidelity can happen for various reasons, yet some people choose to forgive and move on. But they seldom forget. For the six couples on 'Love Never Lies', their relationships are far from perfect, yet they have chosen to be together, as they claim they still love one another. But when it boils down to admitting some harsh truths, it seems that love fails to prevail.

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The show's format

Claiming to have 'eye detect' a technology that can detect if people are lying due to involuntary eye movement, each couple is made to answer one question about their past, current situation or thoughts that they might have had. These questions are almost always incriminating and put a strain on the couple's relationship. Should they answer truthfully, they get 1,000 euro added to the group bond, and if they lie, 1,000 euro is subtracted.

The total amount at the start of the show was 40,000 euros and each of the couples' truth or lies adds or subtracts from that amount. At the end of the show, only one couple will walk away with the money, which has the potential to reach 100,000 euros. All six couples were separated and made to stay in different villas, where they later met up with people they were now paired with. This consisted of new potential matches and some people from the past as well.

The 40,000 euros they earned at the start was now a piggy bank of sorts, as the partners could view a premium version of what their spouses were up to and if they were being faithful.


What happened between Katherine and Kevin?

Out of the six couples that were separated, Katherine and Kevin seem to have gone through a particularly rough patch. Once she was made to live away from him, the show introduced her ex, Elias. Elias claimed that he still had feelings for Katherine, and after their breakup, he realised that she made him want to be a better man. Since then, he stopped smoking, began training, lost 15 kgs and focused his energy on doing better in life. Katherine and Kevin's relationship was already strained when they came to the show, as Kevin had been cheating on her repeatedly, had a tendency to party a lot and, according to Katherine, and did not give her the respect that she deserved.

Meanwhile, Kevin was introduced to a woman named Lidia, with who he was matched. The two hit it off instantly, with Kevin claiming that Lidia made him feel so much more special in two days than Katherine ever did. Katherine was convinced that Elias was a better match for her, and so, Kevin and she broke up.

Before she left the show, Katherine had Kevin answer one final question that proved to be quite the twist — even though she claims he's been hooking up at clubs, Katherine feels that Kevin dated her to hide the fact that he is gay. The eye detect revealed the result of Kevin's answer, but the information was handed over only to Katherine, who just laughed upon knowing the answer. Since they were no longer a couple, they were asked to leave the show, bringing it down to 5 remaining pairs. Now the question is, who will be the next ones to crack under pressure?

'Love Never Lies' is now streaming on Netflix