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'Love Island': Fans plot to save Cashay Proudfoot from 'Trump supporter' Christian Longnecker

'Christian is a trump supporter in a couple with a darkskin baddie. we gotta save my sister #LoveIslandUSA,' wrote a fan
'Love Island' Season 3 stars Christian Longnecker and Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)
'Love Island' Season 3 stars Christian Longnecker and Cashay Proudfoot (CBS)

If the premiere episode of 'Love Island' Season 3 is is giving you some strange sense of deja vu, then you aren't the only one feeling that way. The first coupling ceremony left everybody feeling unsettled with the uncanny and striking similarity to how things panned out on 'Love Island' Season 2's first coupling ceremony. The previous season featured the only Black female Islander- Justine Ndiba not getting picked by any of the hot single men, and in the end, she had to be coupled up with the single boy whose girl got stolen by another hot islander. Needless to say, Justine immediately gained a lot of sympathy and love from fans, while Jeremiah White, the boy she ended up with wasn't subject to much love by fans. Justine eventually went on to win the show with Caleb Corprew.

So, if you thought that the islanders who would be entering the villa this season would have taken some notes and learned something from the previous season, then you couldn't be more wrong. The latest season too followed the same pattern as the last season when it came to the dark-skinned girl getting picked last. This season it was Cashay Proudfoot who got the raw end of the stick. Cashay walked into the villa with the hopes of finding her Prince Charming and was hoping to find him amongst the hot single men presented to her. Unfortunately, she wasn't attracted to anybody aside from Jeremy Hershberg.


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But Jeremy didn't pick Cashay, he instead chose to couple up with Kyra Lizama who was already coupled up with Christian Longnecker. Earlier when Christian was presented to the ladies, Cashay made it clear that she wasn't attracted to Christian and he wasn't her type as she preferred muscular men and he wasn't beefed up. So, once Kyra traded him for Jeremy, there were no more people left to couple up with, so Cashay and Christian ended up being coupled together.

Although Christian and Cashay tried to put on a brave front and expressed that they would genuinely try to get to know each other, fans aren't pleased about it. Fans are not only upset over how Cashay didn't get picked by any of the men, but also by the fact that she ended up with a Trump supporter. A photo of Christian wearing 'Make America Great Again' cap is doing rounds on the internet, leading to him being branded as a Trump supporter.

'Love Island' star Christian Longnecked wearing a 'MAGA' cap (Reddit)

An angry fan wrote, "Not Cashay being stuck with the Trump supporter this is sick #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I know y’all didn’t give cash the trump supporter?! #LoveIslandUSA." "They put the black girl with a trump supporter… just setting her up #LoveIslandUSA," pointed a fan.





Fans already began plotting to get Cashay away from Christian. A fan shared, "Get my good sis tf away from this Trump supporter NOW!!! #LoveIslandUSA." "Christian is a trump supporter in a couple with a darkskin baddie. we gotta save my sister #LoveIslandUSA," seconded a fan. "Not the trump guy with my girl cash I am heated #LoveIslandUSA," expressed a fan.




We will just have to wait and watch to see how things pan out between Cashay and Christian.

'Love Island' Season 3 airs at 9/8c from Tuesday through Fridays. In addition, Love Island will air on Sunday nights from 9-11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.