'Love Island' Season 2: Justine doesn't get picked up, fans ask why are Black women on the show 'done dirty?'

Fans are not here for Justine not getting any attention from the men on 'Love Island' and believe she 'deserves better'

                            'Love Island' Season 2: Justine doesn't get picked up, fans ask why are Black women on the show 'done dirty?'
Justine (CBS)

Season 2 of 'Love Island' is finally here! The 2-hour long premiere episode left the fans feeling a myriad of emotions. The first episode introduced us to the 11 hot singles who will be spending the summer in Vegas trying to find love. As per the 'Love Island' tradition, we were introduced to the five beautiful girls who will be competing to fund their perfect partner and also a whopping $100,000. The five girls were: Cely Vazquez, Moira Tumas, Kaitlynn Anderson, Justine Ndiba, and Mackenzie Dipman.

The girls began mingling with each other and getting to know each other, when the hostess, Arielle Vandenberg, walked in and began interacting with them to try to understand what they were looking for. Each of the girls had a list of some rather interesting traits that they were seeking in their ideal partner, from the appreciation of tattoos to a younger man. Finally, Arielle lined up the girls and began introducing them one by one to the handsome men. 

The first one to make an entrance was Jeremiah White. This 22-year-old country boy was introduced to the girls by Arielle, and she later asked the girls to step forward if they found him attractive, so that he is aware of their interest before deciding on which girl he wants to couple up with. As the girls were toying with the idea of whether to step forward or not, Justine boldly decided to step forward and express her interest. She declared that she found him very cute. While Jeremiah was flattered by Justine's compliments, he however didn't seem to harbor the same feelings about Justine. When he was asked to pick the girl he wished to couple up with, he instantly picked Cely. So, Cely and Jeremiah ended up as couples.

Gradually as the remaining men began being introduced, all of them seemed to be interested in the other girls aside from Justine. One of the men, Tre Forte, too was smitten by Cely, so he chose her as the girl he wanted to couple up with. So, Jeremiah was asked to step away from her, and wait until the end, so that he could couple up with the last remaining girl. As it turns out, Justine ended up being the last remaining girl, so Jeremiah and he were coupled up.

Justine and Jeremiah (CBS)

From the get-go, there was no chemistry between the two. Although Justine tried her best to have a conversation with him and get to know him better, he seemed disinterested in her. They finally settled on friendzone. Later, when Justine saw the other girls, especially Moira and Mackenzie, getting along really well with their partners, she began feeling a bit sad and intimidated. She broke down into tears wondering why none of the guys there were even remotely interested in her.

When fans saw Justine feeling so bad, they were upset too. A fan tweeted, "Justine crying in the first episode makes me sad I hope she finds love in the villa #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan wrote, "The fact that all the guys don’t want Justine kind of makes me angry/sad. #LoveIslandUSA."


"I’m actually so angry for Justine :/ #LoveIslandUSA," echoed another fan.


Many fans pointed out how women of color usually end up getting the raw end of the stick on these dating shows. A fan expressed, "Justine deserves better. Why is that every time a black women is on love island...she’s done dirty?? Jeremiah doesn’t deserve her and I just knew Celery would catch all the brothers eye over Justine. I don’t get it because Justine is a whole queen  #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan wondered, "Dark skin women are barely represented on dating shows so the fact that justine is here is amazing. but then we see her getting no attention bc the men arent attracted to her. there are so many guys who would love to couple up with justine so where are they? #LoveIslandUSA."


"They better send in a guy solely for Justine or else I will make it my mission to shut down CBS #LoveIslandUSA," declared a fan.



'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8 c only on CBS.

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