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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Matt Bolton’s 'aggressive' behavior on show makes fans think he’s 'toxic'

'Matt is a walking red flag - the way he was speaking to Colleen had me VERY scared for her safety,' said a fan
UPDATED OCT 27, 2022
Matt Bolton on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)
Matt Bolton on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘Love is Blind’ Season 3

DALLAS, TEXAS: Netflix’s dating show, ‘Love Is Blind’, is no stranger to dramatic moments and controversies. From romantic dramas to rivalry and jealousy, the show has it all. And fans are always quick to point out cast members they think are controversial, dishing out their thoughts on social media.

Though Bartise Bowden and Cole Barnett may have created the most buzz for their toxic behavior, another male cast member on the show seemed to have gathered plenty of attention toward him for being a walking “red flag.” And that’s Collen Reed’s fiance Matt Bolton. The Private Charter Sales Executive seemed to have gone pretty unnoticed in the show’s first few episodes. But in Episodes 5, 6 and 7, he was at the center of quite a controversy. Matt who is engaged to ballet dancer Colleen was plagued with plenty of jealousy as his fiance indulged in a small flirtatious chat with Cole at the pool party in Episode 5. And fans seemed to notice how Matt lashed out at Colleen and are now calling him out for his ‘toxic’ behavior.


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When Colleen first started talking to Matt in the pods, the sales exec appeared to be a nice guy with a great personality. For Colleen, he acted as her knight in shining armor after she faced brutal rejections from Cole and Brennon Lemieux. The pair even had a wonderful time while vacationing in Miami together. But things soon went downhill for the couple after Cole started retaking an interest in Colleen, making Matt extremely jealous and insecure. Cole openly stated that he was physically attracted to Colleen and even flirted with her at the pool party. Colleen reciprocated by calling Cole cute as well. When Matt found out, he lashed out at his fiance while the duo was alone, making Colleen cry. It got to the point that Matt almost decided to leave the show as he said he was “packing his bags.” The duo made up the following day, but things did not end there.


Matt later discussed the conversation between Cole and Colleen with Cole’s fiance Zanab Jaffrey, resulting in a tense situation between Zanab and Cole. In response to Matt’s actions, Cole confronted Matt about the situation, ensuring him that there was nothing between Colleen and him. It was pretty apparent that Matt seemed more convinced hearing that from Cole over being reassured by his future wife, Colleen. Things seemed to settle down for a while, until at the end of Episode 7, when Matt suddenly contacted Bartise about some drama. Matt was furious when Bartise went over to him as he told his cast mate that Colleen had not returned. He threw a tantrum, saying, “the club is more important than coming back home to her boy.” He packed his bags ready to leave as he expressed his anger. He angrily told Bartise, “I don’t wanna be with a girl that’s gonna be out ‘till two in the morning.”

Matt Bolton confronting Colleen Reed on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3
Matt Bolton confronting Colleen Reed on 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Matt’s outburst led many fans to think he was controlling and toxic. Some even pointed out how he was easily convinced by Cole, another man, instead of listening to his fiance. One fan wrote, “THE AMOUNT OF RED FLAGS THAT ARE FLYING AROUND MATT. . . He is so aggressive! He’s speaking to Colleen is such a vile, gaslighting, narcissistic, and condescending tone, it’s honestly like watching a child getting in trouble by their parent. She better run. . . FAST #LoveIsBlind.” As another added, “Can you see how calm Matt was when confronting Cole versus how he blew up with Colleen??? It was easier for him to believe the man over his own fiance. #LoveIsBlind.” One viewer noted his dominance over Colleen, writing, “Matt is a walking red flag - the way he was speaking to Colleen had me VERY scared for her safety. His domineering stance in the bathroom made me physically uncomfortable. He has a nasty temper and I’m low key side eyeing his story about his ex. #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3.” While another penned, “Matt upset Colleen went to the club without him this man is unstable #loveisblind #LoveIsBlind3.” One fan pointed out his self-sabotage and wrote, “it sucks bc you can tell colleen is trying with matt and he’s self-sabotaging by throwing out all these red flags #LoveIsBlind.” While another added, “I was with Matt that first flip out but this second one is a hard no. As soon as things seem to be going left he threatens to leave and that gets old FAST! #LoveIsBlind.” One viewer was triggered and said, “Wow the way Matt verbally attacked and gaslit Colleen on Love is Blind was actually so triggering that I feel sick to my stomach now.”








‘Love is Blind’ Season 3 is available on Netflix to watch. The next four episodes will release on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 12.30 am PT.
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