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'Love is Blind' Season 3: Sikiru 'SK' Alagbada says 'NO' at the altar, claims Raven is not 'flexible'

'I would rather lose her than be in a marriage with her where I feel, like, lots of shortcomings every day,' said SK
'Love is Blind' Season 3 couples SK and Raven (Netflix)
'Love is Blind' Season 3 couples SK and Raven (Netflix)

DALLAS, TEXAS: Is love enough for marriage? That's what Netflix's unique dating how 'Love is Blind' is here to prove. Season 3 of the show just dropped three episodes where we saw five engaged couples deciding whether they were ready to get married. Each of them is seen making efforts to make peace with their relationship before the wedding day.

Unlike every other couple, we saw Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, 34, and Raven Ross, 29, taking things slow in their relationship ever since they said yes to each other in the pods. Raven decided to wait and build a bond with SK instead of immediately hopping into a physical relationship after seeing each other for the first time. At first, Raven seemed very reluctant to open up about her feelings. But SK seemed to have understood her a little better than anyone ever did. He took things slow with Raven, knowing that she was different from any other girl and needed more time and patience. But does SK feel that he does not know Raven well enough to get married? Keep reading to know.


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'Love is Blind' Season 3 star Raven Ross and SK's mother (Netflix)
'Love is Blind' Season 3 star Raven Ross and SK's mother (Netflix)

Why did SK say 'NO' to Raven at the altar?

It was shocking to see SK say no to Raven. SK seemed too much into Raven and made a lot of effort and adjustments for her. Well, at first it seemed that only SK was trying to make things work out in their relationship, but slowly we saw Raven making an equal effort. Indeed, it was heartbreaking to see SK say no at the altar.

SK says "I love you" to Raven at the altar, but adds, "Today is not the best time for us to do this." They hugged each other and Raven walked out of the altar with her teary eyes. SK further said he knows Raven must be feeling mad and angry but he would have felt bad and guilty if he would have said yes at the altar. SK further claims the reason for him saying no at the altar to be "many unanswered questions" in their relationship.

SK does not think him going to California for studies is not the only possible hurdle in their relationship. He also thinks that Raven "not being flexible" is also one of the causes. Giving example of Raven not being flexible, SK cites Raven's refusal to move to California with him. Besides, SK still has issues with Raven's family situation. SK ended his reasons for saying no at the altar with, "I would rather lose her than be in a marriage with her where I feel, like, lots of shortcomings every day." 

Raven, on the other hand, felt heartbroken at the altar. However, she put on a brave front and blamed herself for not being the perfect Nigerian bride. Raven said, "I was planning on saying yes today."

It is yet to be seen whether SK and Raven will continue their relationship even after not getting married. Netflix drops new episodes of 'Love is Blind' Season 3 every Wednesday.