'Love is Blind' Season 2: Fans worry Danielle's insecurities might ruin chance with Nick

'Love is Blind' Season 2: Fans worry Danielle's insecurities might ruin chance with Nick
'Love is Blind' stars Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson (Netflix)

For 36-year-old Nick Thomspon after looking for love in all the "wrong places" he was finally ready to give Netflix's blind dating show 'Love is Blind' a shot. Nick came in with the goal of finding a wife and was immediately drawn to Danielle Ruhl. After bonding over their love for bottomless brunches, Nick wasted no time in proposing to Danielle.

When the couple finally met up in person for the first time, it was nothing short of a chapter from a fairytale. Just as fans began rooting for Nick and Danielle to become yet another success story from 'Love is Blind' like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton or Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, everything came crashing down when Danielle experienced a bout of panic attack and began projecting her insecurities upon Nick during a heated argument.


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During their couples retreat in Mexico, Danielle fell sick and had to stay back in their hotel room but she insisted that Nick attend the party and meet the other couples from the show. Nick did as he was told and returned a few hours later. When he came back, Danielle began accusing him of talking for too long with other women. She also revealed that she had to lock herself up in the closet and cried her eyes out while he was away. Nick was left feeling puzzled and couldn't understand what was triggering his fiancee so much. He called her out for being toxic, but the couple ended their fight the next day when she ordered coffee for him.

She then apologized to Nick and explained to him that she was having a panic attack and was afraid of losing him. She pointed out how in her previous relationships her partners always made her feel bad and insecure about herself by checking out other women while they were still with her. Nick quietly heard her out and reassured her that he would never cheat on her or make her feel that way. Even though Danielle was reassured, for the time being, fans began seeing red flags.

Several fans took to Twitter to point out how Danielle's insecurities could end her relationship with Nick. A fan tweeted, "Nick and Danielle's BIGGEST hurdle is going to be Danielle's insecurities. I really hope she gets some counseling to work through those insecurities and I hope Nick can be patient with her. As someone who struggles with insecurities I feel for her #LoveisBlind." Another fan wrote, "If nick and danielle don’t work out it’s because of her insecurities. nick has shown nothing but loyalty to her. #loveisblind." "Danielle is hella annoying... I'm sorry. She's projecting her insecurities onto Nick and she'll run that relationship into the ground when she has a good guy #LoveIsBlind," added a fan.







Another fan shared, "Danielle is going to lose Nick if she don’t get over her insecurities. Bc she really is making up sh*t to worry/fight about and nothing is happening. #LoveIsBlind." "Like what has Nick actually done. Like Danielle you need therapy girl. This is not him. This is all you. He literally came home and gossiped with you. #LoveIsBlind," seconded a fan. "I don't think Nick and Danielle will works which is sad because neither of them are bad I just think Danielle still has too much work to do on herself for this to work out. #LoveIsBlind," predicted a fan. "Danielle is so insecure. If her and Nick get married it won't last. He's gonna have to reassure her every day for the rest of his life cause she has low self esteem. #loveisblind," echoed a fan.








'Love is Blind' Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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