'Love is Blind' Season 2 Full Cast List: A look at 30 hot singles on Netflix blind dating show

'Love is Blind' Season 2 Full Cast List: A look at 30 hot singles on Netflix blind dating show
The ladies of 'Love is Blind' Season 2 (Netflix)

Can you really fall in love without ever seeing the other person? Netflix's popular dating show/ social experiment- 'Love is Blind' delves into this very question, as a group of singles stay in a small pod and chat with their future significant other, without ever laying eyes on each other.

As their small-talks graduate into serious, full-fledged conversations, the couples will then have to make concrete decisions about their engagement. Once engaged, they'll meet each other for the first time and decide how they can best plan their upcoming wedding. Pretty intense, right? If you're wondering who are the brave singles ready to take on this challenge, then keep reading. Vanessa and Nick Lachey will be returning to the roles as the hosts of 'Love is Blind' Season 2. They will be accompanied by these thirty singles looking for love in an unconventional manner.


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Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee

Abhishek is a 33-year-old veterinarian/ DJ. "I really hope that the person on the other end is looking for something special and not just looking for a step up in their social media,"," he expressed ahead of his big debut on the Netflix dating show.



Aja Johnson

Aja is a 28-year-old paralegal who can't stand a "bad communicator". She regularly posts snippets from her daily life on her Instagram to her 15,200 followers.


Brandon McGhee

Brandon is a 36-year-old insurance broker. In his latest Instagram post, he shared, "I love good communication because I can't read minds." Seems like a fair ask, we wonder if he and Aja will hit it off considering their focus on communication.


Brian Ngo

This 32 -year-old advertisement strategist isn't really sure if he's everybody's cup of tea. Brian shared, " I crack a lot of dumb jokes, I'm extremely outgoing and loud, so yeah, I don't know if everyone likes that."


Caitlin McKee

For this 31-year-old medical software sales rep "rudeness" is a major turn-off.


Chassidy Mickale

34-year-old Chassidy has one major pet peeve- "messy eaters". She states, "I don't understand messy eaters. Are you ok?"


Danielle Ruhl

29-year-old Danielle claims to take great pride in "treating people well". We can't wait to learn more about this Associate Marketing Director.


Deepti Vempati

31-year-old Information Data Analyst- Deepti shares, "I would tell the love of my life I'm ready to light up his life because my name literally means light."


Haseeb Hussain

Haseeb is a 28-year-old lawyer, whose biggest vice is sneakers. He says, "I have a really bad habit of spending all of my money on sneakers."


Hope Antoniello

Hope, a 32-year-old sales manager is looking for a man who will not try to change her. She says, "I want someone to take me for who I am and not try to change me."


Iyanna McNeely

The 27-year-old programme coordinator- Iyanna describes herself as, "Exceptionally adaptable. Amazingly introverted. Painfully amazing." She also admits that her "goofiness" could be annoying about her.


Jarrette Jones

'There's no relationship without fun, "declares 32-year-old Jarette, who works as a project manager. He also lists himself as a "Sneaker Dealer 👟 Podcast Host 🎙Investor 📈 and Barber" on his Instagram bio.


Jason Beaumont

31-year-old flight attendant, Jason Beaumont, is definitely a hopeless romantic. He shares, "I'd tell the person I fall for that no matter what, I'll always be there for you."


Jeremy Hartwell

"I'm most excited about subverting my own expectations about what dating is," explains 36-year-old  Entrepreneur/ Director Jeremy, who appears to be big on spirituality.


Joey Miller

30-year-old business strategy consultant- Joey has all the right intentions as he prepares to try out his luck on Netflix's 'Love is Blind'. "I'll try my best to make her smile every single day for the rest of her life," he shared.


Juhie Faheem

"Spread happiness everywhere you go," says 31-year-old clinical therapist Juhie Faheem. 


Julius Cacho

For 39-year-old Julis nothing turns him off more than someone who chews with their mouth open.


Kara Williams

32-year-old client service manager Kara Williams is all set to join the 'Love is Blind' journey but isn't open to going on a hike. She shared, "I overpack, so no, we can't go backpacking."


Kyle Abrams

Kyle, a 29-year-old glazier from Chicago is pretty clear on what he doesn't want in his significant other. "My biggest pet peeve is someone who has a negative pessimistic attitude," he shared on Instagram.


Mallory Zapata

Mallory, a 32-year-old communication manager, is ready to find love on 'Love is Blind'. But her new love interest might not be the only significant other in her life. "I have a really big German Shepherd. And she sheds a lot. But we're a package deal. We come together," she explained.


Natalie Lee

While 29-year-old Natalie is all set to make her big debut on the Netflix blind dating show, she already has the support of season 1 star Jessica Batten who left heart emojis on Natalie's post announcing that she would be appearing on 'Love is Blind'. The consulting manager was also pretty vocal about her "pet-peeves". She shared, "My biggest pet-peeve is when men name-drop and show off. I think that's so lame and distasteful."


Nick Thompson

This 36-year-old "neat freak" is finally ready to find his partner and settle down. In an Instagram post, he wrote, "It’s been quite an experience looking for love, many times in all the wrong places. Now I am excited to invite all of you to join me on my journey to find out if love is blind when Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix premieres on February 11!"


Olivia Harris

Marriage is all about an equal partnership, and Olivia appears to be all about it. This 29-year-old recruitment partner shares, "I don't like doing the dishes so my future partner night have to take over that for me."


Rocky Smith

"If you're rude to the wait staff, don't even bother with me," cautions 30-year-old Rocky Smith. 


Salvador Perez

Just like Olivia Harris, Salvador too seems to hate doing dishes. "Sometimes I leave my dirty dishes out," reveals this 31-year-old executive assistant, who also claims to be "musically inclined."


Shaina Hurley

32-year-old Shaina is all about honesty. "I appreciate honesty in all things, especially dating. Just tell the truth," shared the hairstylist.


Shayne Jansen

For 32-year-old Shayne nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone who is constantly late.


Shea'na Grigsby

Shea'na, a 36-year-old event partnership director, describes herself as an "ecclectic person". She says, "I'm really just an ecclectic person, I live a colorful life."


Trisha Frame

"I talk too much, I hope that doesn't get on my partner's nerves," shared 30-year-old Trisha, who works as a broker in Chicago.


Vito Salamone

Pizzeria owner Vito believes that he has no "filter". This 33-year-old also revealed that his biggest pet peeve is when someone is rude to the wait staff.


'Love is Blind' Season 2 premieres on February 11, 2022, on Netflix. 

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