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'Love is Blind': Which Season 1 couples are still together in 2022? Here's an update

If you're curious to know which of the couples from 'Love is Blind' Season 1 are still going strong, read on
UPDATED FEB 11, 2022
'Love is Blind' Season 1 stars Matt Barnetr, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, and Lauren Speed (Lauren Speed/ Instagram)
'Love is Blind' Season 1 stars Matt Barnetr, Amber Pike, Cameron Hamilton, and Lauren Speed (Lauren Speed/ Instagram)

Even though we all grew up hearing the age-old saying "love is blind", 30 brave singles decided to test it out by participating in a social experiment that was documented on Netflix's 'Love is Blind'. While sitting in a closed "pod" the singles spent ten days getting to know their fellow singles without ever seeing each other. During these interactions, six couples ended up falling in love and even went on to pop the big question.

Real-life interactions and situations are very different compared to interactions within a pod, so the six lucky couples were whisked away to couples retreat in Mexico, where they got to spend time with each other and meet their fellow couples as well. After this unofficial honeymoon period, the couples got to live together in an apartment and also meet each other's families. Finally, the D-day arrived and the couples had to decide on the day of the wedding whether they want to split up or get married. While Netflix did give us a reunion special of sorts with 'Love is Blind: After the Altar' wherein the six couples- Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas, Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase, and Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton threw light on their relationship status after the cameras stopped filming, a lot has transpired between these couples since then. If you're curious to know which of the couples are still going strong and which couples realized that love isn't blind, read on.


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Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

Much like Rachel and Ross from 'Friends', Giannina and Damian kept the dating show's fans guessing whether they would or wouldn't end up together. Considering the bumpy rollercoaster ride that is their relationship, it came as no surprise when Damian decided at the last minute at the altar that he couldn't marry Giannina after she said "I do" to him. Who can forget the infamous scene of Giannina running down the street in her wedding dress? Well, just as fans were making peace with the fact that the couple's messy relationship was put to an end, they surprised everyone when they revealed that they were dating again during the show's reunion special.

But that reconciliation was short-lived as they broke up and this time it seemed to be for good as Damian brought someone else as his date for 'Love is Blind: After the Altar'. It looks like both Damian and Giannina have moved on with their lives since their split. Today Giannina is busy globe-trotting and modeling, looks like she's finally living her best life. On the other hand, Damian is currently working with an organization called Brawl for a Cause. Based on their social media accounts it isn't clear if the duo is still single or seeing somebody.


Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

Another couple that realized that love isn't blind at the altar was none other than Jessica and Mark. Jessica surprised everybody when she decided to walk away from Mark at the altar. Both Jessica and Mark have moved on and are happy seeing other people. Jessica who works as a podcast host is currently engaged to a man named Dr Ben, while Mark is happily married and is a father of two children! 



Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Following their interactions in the pod, Kelly and Kenny fell head over heels in love with each other and got engaged. But once they finally met, things began steadily fizzling out between the couple. During their wedding day, Kelly finally made the decision to not go ahead with their wedding as she wasn't feeling a strong attraction to him anymore. It looks like Kenny has gotten over this rejection and has since moved on. Kenny is happily married to a woman named Alexandra, while Kelly has shifted her focus onto her career and dabbles between hosting her podcast and running her business. 



Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton

Carlton and Diamond's relationship came to a screeching halt at the couples getaway in Mexico. The duo got into a very heated fight when Diamond learned about Carlton's bisexuality. The couple decided to call it quits shortly after that. During the show's reunion Diamond revealed that she was studying for her PhD. Currently, she is the CEO of a jewelry and accessories line called The Lady Box. The former NBA dancer has moved on from Carlton and is busy living her best life. On the other hand, Carlton recently deleted his social media page and started a fresh one. 



Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Amber and Matt surprised everybody when they said "I do" to each other at the altar and decided to get married. The couple got married in November 2018, while filming for 'Love is Blind'. Amber and Matt seem to be happily married and are living it up on their social media accounts. 


Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Just like Amber and Matt, Lauren and Cameron too got their "happily-ever-after" after the couple decided to tie the knot while filming for 'Love is Blind'. The couple are still happily married! So who knows, love might be blind afterall.

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'Love is Blind' Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix from February 11, 2022.