Who is Natalie Lee? 'Love is Blind' star says men who 'name drop' to show off are lame

Who is Natalie Lee? 'Love is Blind' star says men who 'name drop' to show off are lame
Natalie Lee a contestant on 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 (Netflix)

Ladies and gents hold on to your seats and grab your cocktails as the drama is about to begin very soon on the second season of Netflix's hit reality dating show 'Love Is Blind'! The streaming giant is here for more of the social experiment drama that helps singles get together in a unique way and leads them down to the altar where they can leave as husband and wife.

'Love is Blind' sees 30 singles try and find a match via blind dating following which they get the opportunity to walk away married or go home in tears if it doesn't work out making for excellent reality content. With just a few hours left here's more on Natalie Lee, one of the contestants about to enter the dating pods.


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Who is Natalie Lee? 

Natalie Lee is a 29-year-old consulting manager who is here to find love via the social experiment. She loves her friends and can be seen brunching and picnicking with her gorgeous girlfriends who she always makes time for. Natalie also loves a good throwback and shares pictures of her family years ago and compares it to them in recent times on her Instagram. Just like many of us, she adores a good sunset and like all girls do, take full advantage of the golden hour to get some pretty, glowy clicks in. Natalie also looks to be a hodophile and has been to many places like Hawaii, Michigan, Boston, Austria, Maine, Portugal, Spain, Tanzania, Canada, South Korea and more which can be viewed on her Instagram. 


Natalie's biggest pet peeve 

Natalie has shared that men name-dropping and showing off is her biggest pet peeve and that she finds it to be lame and distasteful. She also proclaims that she is good at bad jokes and awkward comments which can be seen in her Instagram bio. The Asian beauty is Korean by race and enjoys food a lot. So much so that she even has a highlight on her account dedicated to delicious eats ranging from pasta, sundaes, sandwiches, salads, charcuterie, smores, oysters, ramen, Korean stews, and more that'll get you drooling. Natalie is also a fan of the fantasy series 'Game of Thrones' and even dressed up as the lady version of Khal Drogo alongside her friend who cosplayed Daenerys Targaryen. Another interesting development is that the Season 2 entrant may have the support of Season 1 cast member Jessica Batten as the latter commented hearts underneath her announcement post.



'Love is Blind' Season 2 premieres on February 11, 2022 only on Netflix.

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