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Who is Kyle Abrams? 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 star hates pessimistic attitude

One of Kyle's loves is jetskis but will the hopeful contestant be able to find a new love or is he destined to go home alone? Watch and find out
Kyle Abrams a contestant on 'Love is Blind' Season 2 (Netflix)
Kyle Abrams a contestant on 'Love is Blind' Season 2 (Netflix)

It is officially February and the month of love is being made even more special by Netflix as it returns with the hit reality dating show 'Love is Blind' that had fans gobbling up the drama.

'Love is Blind' follows a slew of singles as they come in hopes of finding love through a unique speed dating formula. By the end of it after making a personal as well as physical connection with someone they get the opportunity to leave the show as a married person which makes for a very interesting watch. Contestants this season are all from Chicago, so read on to know more about one of the windy city residents who will be a part of Netflix's reality show.


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Who is Kyle Abrams?

Kyle Abrams is a 29-year-old glazier who is out to find love. Kyle seems to love kids and can be seen adorably posing with his niece on Instagram. He is also a dog lover and was dog dad to a cute Russell terrier named Jasper who unfortunately passed away. He misses his best bud and often posts throwback pics of his furry friend in remembrance. He currently has a dog named Linus. Kyle knows what he's not looking for in a significant other and truthfully shares his biggest pet peeve writing in a post, "My biggest pet peeve is someone who has a negative pessimistic attitude". He is a social guy and can be seen partying up with friends looking extremely happy in their company.


Kyle is a lover of boats and jet-ski galore!

Kyle loves being in and around the water which is very evident from his Instagram feed. The glazier can be seen indulging in jet-ski-related stunts and rides and has posted some very cool pictures of him in the air on a jet ski. He also loves boats a lot and cans been having a fun time on them. Dedicating an Instagram highlight that shows him and his friends jumping off boats and into the ocean, it's clear he knows how to have a good time! The single guy is an excellent photographer as well and has decorated his feed with tunning shots he captured that focuses on architecture and people.


'Love Is Blind' Season 2 premieres on February 11, 2022, on Netflix.